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After approaching 30 years of supplying the work of great fantasy and sci-fi artists to fantasy and sci-fi art lovers all over the world, Artists UK still isn’t slowing down and once that colony opens up on Mars I expect we’ll have shipments going out there too.  Just imagine a Chris Foss spaceship painting hanging on the wall in a Mars colony! This is our information site dedicated to fantasy and sci-fi art so even if you hail from some distant galactic nebula get your tentacles tapping on that keyboard and join in.  We tend to think of fantasy and sci-fi art as a rather broad category and fantasy includes surreal and classical fantasy art as well as fantasy in the form of dragons, faeries etc.  Sci-fi is still pretty much spaceships, aliens and robots though :-)

If you think you’ve got something in the field of fantasy or sci-fi art of interest then let us know. For instance, if you are a fantasy artist and you have an artistic fantasy project or fantasy art exhibition planned then click on Contact, fill out the form and let us know about it.

If you want us to include an article or link to your fantasy art artwork then let us have the details and we will look at it.  We can’t say we will accept every fantasy or sci-fi art submission but we do our best to support new fantasy artists and artistic projects.  If you have a fantasy art website we would of course appraciate a link back to our fantasy art information site here or our fantasy art ecommerce site here.

Some of the main areas on this fantasy and sci-fi art info website :

  • The Artists UK DotNet Blog.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a fantasy artist or not.  I have all the artistic ability of a kangaroo on steroids clutching a felt-tip pen making fantasy art … but I love fantasy art – if you love fantasy art too then you can apply to become a fantasy art blog author or just join in with comments on the various fantasy art entries.
  • In the Artists UK Fantasy and Sci-fi Art Gallery you’ll see some of the interesting fantasy art projects that Artists UK has worked on. If you need a new set of framed fantasy or sci-fi pictures for your company, office or club why not drop us an email with an outline of what you are after?
  • The Wanted section is where the sad story of art rip-offs gets told. The pieces of fantasy art in this gallery were not returned to the artist or were downright stolen. There are often rewards offered for information leading to the return of the fantasy art to the artist.
  • Looking for opportunities to display or promote your fantasy or sci-fi artwork?  Then, apart from the art blog, take a look in the Opportunities or Exhibitions sections and maybe there will be something there that puts a smile on your face.

Do you want to place an advert on Artists UK DotNet?  Use the Contact Form and we’ll send you the current options and rates for advertising.

Please read the ‘Terms of Use’ .. blah, blah … necessary legal stuff  … or just ignore it anyway … as long as you’re not up to anything dodgy then we’ll get along fine. :-)

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