Judy  Mastrangelo has been invited to be the Premier Artist at the well known Canterbury Fairy Festival in Canterbury England from April 2, – April 6th.  This is the first time an American Artist has been invited to be the featured artist for this Festival.  Judy will be following in the famous footsteps of world known premiere “Spirit of Imagination” British Artist Josephine Wall who was the featured artist at Canterbury last year.  Judy will be signing postcards of her most famous art for her fans at the booth and selling some products (such as the new puzzles and figurines and frameable prints).  She will also be doing seminars and workshops that are always crowd pleasers, to show ! her MYSTICAL VISIONS painting techniques, which made her one of the most famous Fantasy and Fairy Artists of the world.    Please come and meet Judy for Easter Weekend in the UK at the Canterbury Festival beginning with the Fairy Ball on Friday, 4/2/10. (please click here for more specific information on this fairy festival).

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