Get totally spaced out!

Space art by Andrew Stewart

Space art by Andrew Stewart

It is time to meet Andrew Stewart, probably the most spaced-out artist on the planet this side of Chris Foss.  With many covers for Astronomy books and magazines under his belt as well as covers for such famous authors as Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking he is certainly a quantum force to be reckoned with.

Andrew Stewart is a self taught freelance artist based in Nottingham in England.  He says he has always been into astronomy, fantasy and science fiction with influences ranging from Salvador Dali to HR Giger.  Andrew Stewart always hoped to meet Carl Sagan but sadly he died before that was possible.  Carl Sagan’s widow was however so impressed with his artwork that she asked him to do the cover for Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Connection that was only ready to be published after his death.  He works mainly with airbrush preferring to use acrylic inks and liquitex paint since this gives a better performance when working with an airbrush (usually a paasch v/vv, vjb or DeVilbliss lightweight gravity feed spray gun).  In these days of vast amounts of computer-generated images it is great to see such monolithic painting being done with an airbrush and I’m sure that you’ll agree that the result leaves a lot of computer-generated art back at the starting gate.  To take a trawl through the fabulously spaced-out world of Andrew Stewart just click here.

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