The Green Man

The Green Man comic book by Nic

The Green Man comic book by Nic

It isn’t often that something really new comes along in the field of comics or graphic novels but this is an amazing achievement.  The whole of the Green Man comic book, story, text and pictures was created by one talented man whose family supported him in giving up his job to produce this masterpiece.  There really is nothing quite like it and for anyone into Playmobil or Lego seeing the toys come to life like this is amazing.  It has a fabulous storyline with clever and artistically produced photographs of Playmobil toys in real or created landscapes or settings.  The reader can have absolutely no idea how much work is involved just to get the shadow right that one of the little Playmobil toys casts in a realistic landscape setting!  This kind of design work is really creative and required a good eye for detail and a lot of skill and patience on the part of the author.  If you want to find out more you can visit the author’s website here.

The Green Man comic book is available in English and German with the French and Spanish versions due for release anytime now.  The author worked with a numbedr of skilled translators to have the Green Man comic book translated into the other languages from the original English.  The German was translated by Johanne Ostendorf whose website is here where you can read in her project examples how much she enjoyed working on this unique project.

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