John’s notebook

John Vernon Lord sent us these fabulous images from his notebook.  It includes a wonderful set of illustrated palindromes and if you don’t know what a palindrome is then shame on you and go look it up.  For those unaware of the legendary Mr. Lord or think he used to play keyboards for Deep Purple rather than having designed one of their iconic album covers then enjoy these fabulous offerings!

Glorious Schuiten !

The Final Plan by Francois Schuiten
The Final Plan by Francois Schuiten



If you haven’t seen the amazing artwork of Francois Schuiten then just click on the image above and see a whole range of the most stunning artwork you could imagine.  These small images cannot really do justice to Francois Schuiten art though.  The large fine art prints of Francois Schuiten’s drawings are unbelievably impressive and are often used as a centrepiece for a large room.  Artists like Francois Schuiten show quite clearly how artists who made their name in drawing comic books are often as talented and at least as creative as other artists despite the long-term prejudices in many art colleges against comic art as a worthwhile profession for a “real” artist.  Perhaps it will be the work of people like Francois Schuiten that will one be hanging in the world’s national art galleries.  Francois Schuiten gives you an amazing perspective, tones and colours that hint at some kind of film noire plot that is not explicit but only hinted at.  There is almost a sense of vertigo in some of the art and books play a prominent role.  To have a look at more of the incredible art of Francois Schuiten all you need to do is click on the image or if that is a bit too far away then how about right here.





New Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine out now

Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine

Issue #35 Dec 2012/Jan 2013

On Sale 15th November

A Kool issue for you to chase away those winter blues.

Pinstripers this issue are Chris Dortants, Sandro Mossa

RoTed Turner &b Valentini.

Check out Kustom Kulture Blastoff the Uks only airbrush & kustom art extravaganza in all its glory.

Going all lowbrow this time are John Hoogeveen & Ryan Winchcombe

We also revisit Mike DiTonno’s Boneyard, join Paul Waring at a traditional soda fountain in Wisconsin, USA.

Luli’s World explores the Miss Fortune Fashion Show at Americana UK

We step up to the Bar with Dan Akroyd for his Chystal Head Vodka!

Tattooists Paul Goss & Tony Jackson reveal their work

Our airbrush show case features : Cesar Deferrari, Charles Armstrong and Andy Anderson

Craig Fraser goes all Steampunk at the Gold Tooth Gallery.

Alan Pastrana who concludes his awesome step by step series with the “Wicked” Pin Up Girl.

A content packed edition to keep you glued to every page this festive season.

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Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine are giving away t-shirts with their current subscriptions so if you’re interested in graphics and/or pinstriping and have been thinking of taking out a subscription I guess now is the time. Subscribe before 1st October 2012 and they will send you a free ‘T’ from PKG!

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Alexandra Dawe goes to see the wytches


Rising star artist Alexandra Dawe will be doing the Wytches Market in Glastonbury on the Saturday 23rd June.  For more info visit the Wytches Market website. To see more fabulous artwork by artist Alexandra Dawe like ‘In the Wild Wood’ shown above just click here.  In fact this post is a double hit because we’re also naming ‘In the Wild Wood’as our picture of the month here at Artists UK.  And in case you wondered, yes you can order it as a canvas print if prefer having a canvas print to a lithographic print.

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