Artists UK or AUK ?

On some of our internal documentation Artists UK has sometimes abbreviated Artists UK to AUK but we are having some second thoughts about this since learning that the Great Auk was a large, flightless alcid that became extinct in the mid-19th century!

It lived in the North Atlantic, and bred on rocky, isolated islands with easy access to both the ocean and a plentiful food supply, a rarity in nature that provided only a few breeding sites for it. The Great Auk was 75 to 85 centimetres (30 to 33 in) tall and weighed around 5 kilograms (11 lb), making it the largest alcid. It had a black back and a white belly. The black beak was heavy and hooked with grooves on its surface. During summer, the Great Auk had a white patch over each eye. During winter, the auk lost this patch, instead developing a white band stretching between the eyes. The auk was a powerful swimmer, a trait that it used in hunting. Humans had hunted the Great Auk for more than 100,000 years, and by the 19th century, its growing rarity increased interest from European museums and private collectors in obtaining skins and eggs of the bird. The last two confirmed specimens were killed off the coast of Iceland on July 3, 1844.  Hopefully, the Great Artists UK will survive rather longer than the poor Great Auk.  More about the Great Auk here.

The Green Man goes internationally well

Nic’s Green Man graphic novel based on Playmobil in English, German and French is going great guns.  If you’re still short of an interesting and unusual Christmas present you might want to pick up a copy on his website here or on Amazon.  You’ll find a previous post here if you run a search for ‘Green Man’ or you can read a review of it here.

Being an artist and mother

As any mother will tell you, being a mother is pretty much a full-time job one way or another … at least until they go to school when you get a few hours off and only have to cope with whatever they bring home with them.  Alexandra Dawe has managed to combine motherly duties and artistic work as you can see in this photo where she is sketching her daughter whilst holding the younger sibling who appears to be taking as little interest in his mother’s artistic abilities as is humanly possible.  Maybe he’s having artistic dreams …

000000000000000 Artist Alexandra Dawe sketching

000000000000000000000000000000Artist Alexandra Dawe sketching

Alexandra always has a full schedule even if it doesn’t look that way in this photo.  Her next event is on 29th & 30th October when she will be at the Avalon Faery Fayre in Glastonbury.  It is being held in the town hall and entry is free.  The opening hours are 10.30am- 5pm or thereabouts.  If you’re around then pop down and tell her you read about it on Artists UK DotNet.

Issue 10 of the Magical Times has a feature on Alexandra Dawe’s artwork.  She decided to just write a small paragraph and have loads of pictures.  She says she finds it hard to waffle on endlessly about inspiration etc and feels it just makes her sound like a fanatical, tree-loving, lunatic.  Even if she is she doesn’t necessarily want everyone to know!

Sometime in the new year there will be four Alexandra Dawe paintings appearing in a TV documentary called Cé a Chónaigh I mo Theachsa? (Who lived in my house?) but it is only airing in Ireland sadly.  They’ll probably have it on their iplayer for a while as well and Alex will have a link on her website when they tell her where it is.

You can visit Alexandra Dawe at her website here or see her work on Deviant Art here.  You can see a range of prints of her work in various sizes at Artists UK here and original paintings for sale here.

Disney’s Lion King in 3D

Disney's Lion King

Disney's Lion King

Disney’s Lion King film has been remastered in 3D and out now!

Whether you’ve seen The Lion King by Walt Disney or not it’ll be

worth seeing.  Disney’s Lion King follows the story of young Simba

lion cub and is full of great Disney characters like the “zen-type guru” baboon.

In 3D Disney’s Lion King film should really be something.

Back when the Lion King film was first released we got hold of a few

Disney Lion King promos.  Each one is a glossy reproduction

of a great scene from Walt Disney’s Lion King film.

You can see all four Lion King prints here.

Madness confirmed!

The Artists UK Krazy Summer Sale is finally over and what a busy summer it has been.  In some respects it is good that it has not been so warm up here!  Did we really sell over 50 prints and posters for only 1p?  It seems like some of our customers really couldn’t believe their luck.  Strangely, the hits on our website and the orders that are coming in after the sale are well up so maybe our madness has not been so mad after all.  Maybe all our grateful customers receiving their print or poster for only 1p have been telling other people how mad we are … or maybe something a little kinder.  We do our best and can only hope :-)

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