A bit more snazzy !

Over the years at Artists UK we have improved our ecommerce software for www.artistsuk.co.uk several times to give our customers a better shopping experience.  We’ve made the site work faster, smoother and made it more logically organised.  It has a powerful SEARCH facility and there are buttons all over the place allowing customers to contact us by email if they have questions.  We then built up this information site with a brand new logo designed by the excellent team at Farbweiss Media in Germany who also designed the website for us.  Somehow along the way we never got round to updating the original Artists UK logo and we realised for some time how static and dated it was looking, especially compared to the Artists UK DotNet logo so we’ve finally gopt round to vamping it up into a more dynamic modern version.  We hope you like it.  You can see it here.

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