Opportunities for artists here have not been vetted and are not recommended by Artists UK. If you wish to take advantage of one of these opportunities you should read their terms and conditions carefully, take legal advice if necessary, and not send off original work unless you are confident the offer is genuine. If you have reason to feel that any offer here is not genuine please contact us and we will investigate.

IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT AN OPPORTUNITY TO US THEN PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS MUST BE NO EARLIER THAN THREE MONTHS FROM US RECEIVING YOUR TEXT.  Text that is  supplied in a format such as a photographic pdf or image file that cannot easily be formatted for a webpage will not be used.


The Waterfront Arts Project run regular art exhibitions at their permanent gallery in Southport.  It is an arts project run for and by artists as a charitable project that helps to promote a great variety of artistic talent. The gallery has attracted over 40,000 visitors since it started and is home to a wonderfful diversity of artistic talent.  It has generated a great deal of local interest and support from local authorities and businesses.

If you are an artist of any description and you think your work might be good enough for you to join this project then click the contact button above, tell us what you do and we’ll put you in touch with them.  Clearly you’ll need to be based somewhere in the local area to be able to take your work to the gallery and pick it up when an exhibition finishes.

Lucca Comics & Games presents the OverLuk Award, created to showcase and celebrate the work of professional artists in the genre of imaginative realism: fantasy, science fiction and horror illustration, game, videogame, movie concept art.  Heralded by Variety Magazine as “the western world’s biggest geek meet”, Lucca Comics & Games festival is today one of the leading convention and transmedial experience for every comics, videogames and fantasy art lover, representing an exciting showcase opportunity for concept artists, fantasy illustrators and creators of imaginative realism working across different media: video and tabletop games, books and comics, cinema and fine arts.

The Grand Prize award is an invitation as main guest, including travel, accommodation for 2 persons and a booth at the main european transmedia festival that will be held from 1st  to 5th of November in Lucca, Tuscany.  Winners for each category (Cover, Interior illustration, Concept art, Editorial, Unpublished/Commission) will have the chance to attend Lucca Comics & Games 2017 and to run their own booth in the Luk for Fantasy area, where the greatest masters of illustration are located.

To represent and honor the ever growing new breed of transmedia artists, the festival has decided to create a new award, named after the ancient toponym for the city, “Luk”, and linked to the publication of a yearly catalogue of selected entries, the OverLuk Illustration Annual. A great artbook that in 2016 edition included illustrations of Marko Djurdjevic, Tony DiTerlizzi, Luis Royo, Paolo Barbieri, Larry Elmore, Karl Kopinsky, Dany Orizio, Steve Argyle and many more guests of the festival.

Aim of the OverLuk Award is to showcase the biggest international fantasy artists and the jury reflects this. The committee itself is composed of world famous artists and creators and of art-directors working for the leading publishers of fantasy and not only. It is really a “parterre de rois”: italian artists like Paolo Barbieri and Jacopo Bruno (founder of The World of Dot), Marko Djurdjevic (artist and founder of SixMoreVodka), Sarah Robinson (Creative Design Director, Paizo), Francesca Leoneschi (Creative Director, The World of Dot), Jeremy Cranford (Art Outsourcing Manager, Blizzard) and Raphael Lacoste (artist and Art Director, Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed”).

For the 2017 launch edition of the OverLuk Award, no participation fee is required and submissions are open online here  from January 31st to March 31st, 2017. On the same website more info about Lucca Comics & Games festival and this new award.



Solihull Fairtrade, a group that promotes fair-trade products and ethical trading throughout the borough, and Bastian Contrarian, a local agency that provides PR, co-branding and curatorial services to businesses, galleries, artists and not-for profit organisations, have joined forces to launch a new and exciting cultural event.

The aim of the Art in Rure art trail, which will involve a broad section of the local community, is to increase awareness of the Solihull Fairtrade network and local businesses, but also to raise the cultural profile of Solihull and provide opportunities for the thriving but often ‘invisible’ art community in the borough and surrounding area.

Artists who would like to submit their work for selection or propose a site-specific project, can send an artist statement, CV and images (including dimensions) of their work by applying here (click on Contact)

To find out more about the Solihull Fairtrade network click here

——————————————————————————————————————— would like to feature you in their blog as a part of their Featured Artist Series.

You can share your story on the Internet and tell everyone what helped you get to where you are today, wherever that is!  By showing how art school has helped various artists they hope to encourage other aspiring artists to attain their goals  by attending higher education and improving their skills.  Everyone knows of an artist who has done well despite having little or no formal training.  In our field Patrick Woodroffe is the prime example but this is extremely rare and art school can provide a whole range of skills training, support and assistance that self-taught artists miss out on.  This is also an opportunity to get yourself noticed and show off your artistic talent on the worldwide wobbly web..

If you went to art school and are interested in participating you can fill out their questionnaire that is available here.   After they review your answers, they will contact you via email to discuss the details of your article for their blog.  They will also link to your website or include photos of your work if that is something that would interest you.

More details avaialble here.



TEL +44 (0)20 7930 6844


The FEDERATION OF BRITISH ARTISTS and the ROYAL SOCIETY OF PORTRAIT PAINTERS have 16 opportunities for artists to submit work during the year  to exhibit in a major central London Gallery and over 110 prizes worth  tens of thousands of pounds.  You can have a look on their website and download the FBA Call for Entries and Registration Pack.  Be careful to read the documents carefully.  These are not free exhibitions and you need to be sure that an exhibition is right for you before you decide to commit to the cost of exhibiting in it.  Details of each exhibition including how it is being promoted, expected numbers of visitors etc should be available from the organisers.  By all means come back here and email us with feedback about what you think of these offers and/or your experiences in exhibiting at particular exhibitions on this list.


Artabase The Fine Art of Social Networking For Artists

What is Artabase?

Artabase is a social-networking website for Fine Artists. We launched in June 2007, and have been steadily growing ever since, winning a Webby Honoree within our first year online. (The Webbys are like the Oscars of the internet). We let Artists and Galleries from around the world create a free online profile and list their exhibitions. Uniquely, we then store these events in our database of user-generated art history.

What does Artabase offer?

Artabase allows any artist from anywhere in the world to create a free artist profile! Many artists on the website are approached by galleries and asked to exhibit their work. You can also list your Art Exhibitions and build up an online Art CV. We also host Elists for finding out about Art Opportunities. Best of all, your Exhibitions stay on our website forever in our online database of Art History.

Where to from here?

Create a free account at Artabase by going to Then make your Artist profile and away you go!