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Book of Merlin by Alan Lee
Book of Merlin by Alan Lee

The classic picture shown on the right here is towards the end of the story of King Arthur’s life by TH White and a wonderful depiction by Alan Lee of both King Arthur and Merlin.  This beautiful painting, well actually a combination of drawing and watercolour painting, was reproduced as a fine-art limited edition print that has always been popular.  The detail in the picture is incredible and really evokes the whole scene so well.  This was of course drawn and painted prior to Alan Lee’s rise to fame with the Lord of the Rings trilogy that earned him such high awards.  When you look at the quality of his drawing and painting it is not surprising.  Actually, it is more surprising that it took so long for the general public to become aware of such talent.  But then we always seem to rate our film and pop celebrities way above our artists.  That perhaps says something about our modern culture or a lack of it.  At any rate, it is quite certain that Alan Lee’s work will be enjoyed as long as there are people on the planet to enjoy it and will be an inspiration to many future artists.  Why not click the comments button and tell us what Alan Lee’s art means to you?

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