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The War Spell by Ed Org

The War Spell by Ed Org


 This amazingly beautiful pencil sketch has just been published as a fine art limited edition print limited to only 850 copies signed and numbered by the artist Ed Org.  Like all his pencil sketch work it is finely detailed and tremendously evocative.  No wonder his fame is growing by leaps and bounds.  There are very few artists in the genre to compete with him in terms of composition or technique.  There are prints available now to suit practically any pocket or wall space from the small moon faerie sketches and countryside themes to these medium sized prints right up to the enormous ‘Wife of Lleu’ that despite its size and price is still one of his most popular works.  If there is a list of current artists in the fantasy genre whose work is most likely to be viewed very favourably in the future and become extremely collectible then no doubt Ed Org must be well-placed on that list.  You’ll find more examples of his excellent artwork here.

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