Chris Touches Down at Artists UK

FALLEN ANGEL signed Giclee print by Chris Down

Excellent artist Chris Down has produced six fabulous Giclee prints of his work such as the one above that are now available to buy at Artists UK.

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Born in 1963, Chris Down was brought up and has spent much of his life in rural Wiltshire. The wooded valley, where he lives, is walking distance from Stonehenge. The route, along an ancient green lane carving through rolling fields, is a journey he has made from school age. It was the 1970’s and the time of the Stonehenge free festivals. Once a year in June, to celebrate the summer solstice, a gathering on the plain occurred which stirred the interest of his young mind. He had spent much of his childhood avidly reading books along with making and painting things. Always lost in some project or another. His grandfather had been both a writer and artist, who first earned money from art, aged 15, by creating caricatures of tennis players and then went on to write for BBC radio and television. Chris’s uncle also wrote for television. Including the cult series Dr Who in the 1970’s and was responsible, with his writing partner, for bringing the world the robot dog K9. With childhood influences like these, to spend a life being creative was a natural progression. At Stonehenge, he would find much of the inspiration and roots to his way of life. Chris achieves a traditional feel to his art. He has been asked many times whether he works in oil or acrylic and the questioner is surprised to learn the pictures are digitally created. Inspired by the works of the Pre-Raphaelites, 19th century symbolists, art nouveau, late 20th century fantasy artists, 9th/10th century illuminated manuscripts and dark age craftsman, Chris’s eclectic work is constantly moving forward as he finds new ways to work and refines those techniques he has developed over the years.  Maybe it is only a matter of time before his talent gets recognised and massive fame beckons.  Who knows?  But if it does then these early Giclee prints could end up being collector’s items.

The long wait …

Around October of this year Ed Org’s long-awaited book should finally see the light of day,  This promises to be one of the most spectacular art books published for quite some time.  As you probably know, Ed Org’s work, especially his incredibly well-drawn pencil sketch work, has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  Of course, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then take brief detour and have a look here.  The commonest reaction to Ed Org’s artwork is WOW!  His skill and attention to detail are phenomenal.  If you are interested in getting hold of a lovely, hot off the presses SIGNED copy of Ed Org’s book once it is published then drop us an email and we’ll put your email address into our WANTS file so you’ll get notified as soon as it goes up for sale on our website.

New dates for Ed Org

The last dates for 2008 are November: 13, 14, 15. 16 Crafts for Christmas, NEC.  22,23 Leeds Castle, Maidstone, Kent and 29,30 Ludlow Medieval Fayre, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire.  In December there is 6,7 at Knebworth House , Stevenage, Herts. Ed Org’ is also doing a ‘one’ man show along with Paul Jackson (porcelaine, mythological figures) and Kelly Martinez (stunning art nouveau jewellery), which has confused us all here.  Is that three one man shows, a three-man show or a two-man show with a one-man show?  Whatever it is, it runs from Thursday 12 February to Sunday 15 March 2009. There will also be one of Ed Org’s ‘Private View’ showings on Sunday 17 February. At Obsidian Art, The Bucks Goat Centre, Old Risborough Road, Stoke Mandeville, Bucks, HP22 5XJ.  So get yourself along if you can.  If you have no idea who this amazing artist is or want to buy prints of his work then click here.

That’s how it’s done!

Have you ever wondered how comic artists manage to conceive of some of the bizarre and outrageous poses of their characters?  That leering expression or striding hero figure, that posturing or fawning servant, for instance?  Well, Glenn Fabry, a comic artist of no small talent has given us the privilege of a glimpse into his world by showing us the photos he took of himself for some of his work, which flip over to the final artwork when you put your cursor on the photo.  Go and have a look.  It’s really a fun way to look at how an artist works.  Then come back here and tell us what you thought of it.  You just need to click here to go to the right page on Glenn Fabry’s website.

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