Meet John Howe in Edinburgh … or thereabouts !

Artist John Howe (of Tolkien fame) will be giving talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Saturday
August 23rd, from 8:00 pm to 9: pm. He says he’s not sure of the exact location but we hope he’ll manage to sort that out by next weekend. The festival site is here

It is apparently the very first time John Howe has set foot in Scotland (well he doesn’t actually live in the UK) so if it is your first time too then no need to feel embarrassed (although maybe a bit if you live in the north of England!) :-)

Beowulf from John Howe

This latest just in from fantasy artist John Howe (of Tolkien films fame):-


Beowulf by artist John Howe

This illustration was done primarily for the FANTASY ART WORKSHOP,
though as usual with me, the circumstances leading up to it are a
little more involved. The original idea emerged for the Beowulf
Boardgame, but there was no room on the board for a full-size
illustration, so it changed and became a small vignette. After, with
the deadline running out for the Beowulf book, I decided to do it
anyway and include it in the Workshop book. (As it turns out, by a
miracle of deadline-bending, it also made it into Beowulf.)

Start the tour here

Isn’t the computer spellcheck wonderful !

Some curious things happen to the names of many of the artists whose prints or original work are featured on Artists UK

For instance, Brian Froud hangs up his brush and becomes the relative of a famous psychologist as Bryan Freud whilst rather more appropriately Peter Pracownik becomes Peter Peacenik. Patrick Woodroffe only has to suffer his name being unintelligently mis-spelled by the spellcheck as Patrick Woodruff. Whilst Rodney Matthews becomes the grand master Rod Ney MaƮtres. Stuart Dilley finds himself with a problem as Stuart Dilemme and Ed Org perhaps has rather more fun as Ed Orges!

This is of course of no interest whatsoever to John Howe, Alan Lee, Jim Burns, Robert Gould and Roger Dean whose names are entirely unaffected. Well, I hope you enjoyed that. All the best from Kish Savary :-)

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Opportunities for Artists

If you are an artist are you checking our Opportunites section on our main Artists UK Dotnet site? If not, it is located here .

We regularly feature various exhibitions and events for artists that we have come across or where the organisers have asked us to add it to our list. Take a look. You might find something that is just right for you. By all means give us feedback if you attend one of these events. Your views are important and will help us to improve our service.

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