Ed Org June and August dates

If you want to catch the immensely talented artists Ed Org in person then you’ll need to trundle off to one of the places we gave for May or go to Marlborough Town Hall in Wiltshire on 26th June.  If  Wiltshire doesn’t grab you then East Sussex in August is another possibility to meet the great Ed Org at the Herstmonceux Medieval Fair at Hertsmonceux castle from 28 – 30th August. 

Be sure to let him know how you knew he was there.  In the meantime, if you still haven’t got a copy of his amazing book or need a new print for that bare wall then just click here.

What we learned about art from watching HEROES

Of course we’ve been sucked in to Tim Kring’s HEROES like everybody else – HEROES Season 1, HEROES Season 2 and HEROES Season 3 … and an excellent ride it has been too!  Here’s what we learned about art from watching HEROES:

  1. You can’t draw or paint until your eyes go white.
  2. Drugs are useful even if they are made from dung.
  3. Everything in the comics comes true.
  4. Just coz you’ve drawn it don’t mean you can stop it (Oh wots dis in your back?).
  5. It is a dangerous business! If you are a good guy artist you probably get the top of your head cut off or fully decapitated.
  6. Good artists with a big stick don’t die, they come back as spirit guides.

So; the final conclusion from HEROES :

Go work for Marvel, be a bad guy with a big stick and take loads of drugs full of dung.

We’re not totally sure Tim had that in mind though :-)

The Art of Flight

Flight Graphic Novel

If you love graphic art and you haven’t yet got hold of a copy of FLIGHT then something is clearly and desperately wrong!  Mind you, not living in Canada is a hindrance as it is published there.  I should have been writing this five years ago but by god time flies faster than flight that is now in its fifth year.  Every Christmas I get a new copy of it from my brother who lives in Canada and I’m always amazed by the sheer variety of talent and inventiveness contained in it.  Flight showcases many different graphic artists ranging from wonderful painters to sketchy cartoons.  The stories can go across all five issues or just be a one-off and the variety of ideas and characters is staggering.  The first one is always about a fox-like creature with a crystal horn called Rex and you really get to love this little alien creature as he goes on his long voyage of self-discovery in a bizarre world of alien life forms.  One particular cartoon style strip that only started in issue four is so funny I almost cry.  It has the bizarre title of ‘Igloo-head and Tree-head’ who are the two main characters and the artist-writer of this one really has a strange and wonderful sense of humour with the innocence of a child thrown in for good measure.  Some stories are moral messages, others are just fun.  Some make you think, others make you feel, but given the variety it is hard not to find something you like and to be able to enjoy such a wide range of artistic and writing talent is a real joy.  Even if you don’t manage to find a copy in your own country it is certainly worth sending off to Canada for.  The only reason I haven’t name-checked particular artists here is that it would seem a shame to name some and leave others out as they are all doing such a wonderful job of contributing to this project.  But let’s give a mention to Kazu Kibuishi who is behind the whole Flight project.  Let’s hope it soars on for many years to come.

William Blake, sir, he’s on the 34th Floor with Salvador Dali

The phone rang and a gentleman asked to be put through to one of the most famous artists we deal with ostensibly because he is trying to track down someone this artist knows in order to ensure they get the back-royalties they are owed. A noble venture we can only praise and support. However, the gentleman in question seemed unable to comprehend that the artists featured on our website are not in fact resident at Artists UK’s offices!

My mind was filled with the wonderful idea of all these artists from present and past living and working at Artists UK. Salvador Dali might be in the restaurant chatting with Bob Venosa (that’s no surprise since they did know each other) but what about Brian Froud, Alan Lee and a few others having lunch with Arthur Rackham? It would be lovely to see Josh Kirby back again and the corridors could be filled with his Voyage of the Ayeguy paintings! There’d be a group of old TSR artists and Magic would be Gathering in the bar. What would Picasso think of digital imaging? William Blake might be rather shocked by Todd Lockwood’s War of Angels. Sulamith Wulfing and Susan Seddon-Boulet in mutual admiration? Cicely Mary Barker and Beatrix Potter would probably be astounded at some of the modern fairy paintings and fantasy illustrations but perhaps feel that they were a bit too gaudy for their taste. Rodney Matthews and William Blake might have a fair bit in common … or possibly not. Who knows? Who would you like to see in the great art skyscraper?

We did of course forward the gentleman’s request to the artist concerned and hopefully a particular writer will get the royalties he’s due … and they all lived happily everafter :-)

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