Will you be getting some painful untruth tomorrow?

Okay, sounds bad, but actually it’ll most certainly be brilliant as that is the title of the new exhibition at the Waterfront Arts Project in Southport that opens tomorrow Sunday 11 September 2016.

You’ll find it between the Ramada Hotel and the Casino that are both across the road from the beginning of the pier. It opens at 2pm and there is usually a lovely buffet of snacks and drinks. The exhibition and the food and drink are all free so you might want to show your appreciation by making a generous donation since that’s all the income these guys and gals get for their very hard work creating one of the most brilliant contemporary art shows you’ll find anywhere.

So; if you are anywhere near Southport get along to “The Painful Untruth” and if you can’t make it tomorrow it will be on for a few months afterwards so plenty of time to catch up with it even if you miss out on the free food and drink tomorrow.

Last Ed Org show dates for this year

Ed Org has these remaining dates for this year:
21/22   Wimpole Hall, Wimpole Estate, Royston, Cambs.
28/29   Ludlow Medieval Festival, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire.

5/6      Woodstock Craft Fair, Woodstock Town Hall, Oxon.
12/13   Xmas Arts and Crafts, Wood Green Animal Shelter, London Road, Godmanchester, Cambs.
19        Xmas Crafts, Langdale Hall, Witney, Oxon.

So if you want to catch Ed Org “in the flesh” then here’s your chance and you’ll see he actually is flesh coloured and not, as you might think, composed of wonderfully delicate shades of graphite :-)
To see Ed Org’s wonderful artwork click here.