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Ever wondered how it would be to to support an artist directly and help to bring their art out to the public.? Wayne Danting-Langdale, an illustrator, has just launched a kickstarter project that is an art book of illustrations and stories from the character Eagan D. Wynningdale, a travelling artist and researcher. It is heavy in viking/fantasy/steampunk themes.

The project is aiming for £2,500 to be funded, it is an all or nothing campaign which means if he doesn’t reach that target within 30 days then the project will not be funded and none of the money is taken from the backers so you have nothing to lose and maybe you get to be part of a wonderful new art project.

Take a look at the video, get inspired and take part by clicking here.

Well, all our customers who are on our updates mailing list were notified last weekend of the start of our Summer Sale and this has caused a bit of a “feeding frenzy” despite the hot weather, or maybe it is just too hot to go outside for fear of melting 🙂

One or two items have already sold out in the Summer Sale but there are still many more fabulous bargains on popular items available so if you haven’t already had a look the direct link to the Artists UK Summer Sale is here.

If it gets any hotter we’ll have to start wrapping everything in asbestos 🙂

The long wait …

Around October of this year Ed Org’s long-awaited book should finally see the light of day,  This promises to be one of the most spectacular art books published for quite some time.  As you probably know, Ed Org’s work, especially his incredibly well-drawn pencil sketch work, has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.  Of course, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then take brief detour and have a look here.  The commonest reaction to Ed Org’s artwork is WOW!  His skill and attention to detail are phenomenal.  If you are interested in getting hold of a lovely, hot off the presses SIGNED copy of Ed Org’s book once it is published then drop us an email and we’ll put your email address into our WANTS file so you’ll get notified as soon as it goes up for sale on our website.

Beowulf from John Howe

This latest just in from fantasy artist John Howe (of Tolkien films fame):-


Beowulf by artist John Howe

This illustration was done primarily for the FANTASY ART WORKSHOP,
though as usual with me, the circumstances leading up to it are a
little more involved. The original idea emerged for the Beowulf
Boardgame, but there was no room on the board for a full-size
illustration, so it changed and became a small vignette. After, with
the deadline running out for the Beowulf book, I decided to do it
anyway and include it in the Workshop book. (As it turns out, by a
miracle of deadline-bending, it also made it into Beowulf.)

Start the tour here