Jay Blakemore shows

For those who delight in the dragons and other fantasy art of artist Jay Blakemore you’ll find him at the following events:

The Ashbourne Highland Gathering. Ashbourne, Derbyshire. July 18th
Elton Hall, Peterborough. 31st July – 31st August.
Midland History Festival, Stratford Armouries, Startford-Upon-Avon. 7-8 August.
Rougham Air Display & Craft Village. Bury-St-Edmunds. 14-15 august.

Be sure to tell him you found out about it at Artists UK won’t you?

If you want to buy any of Jay Blakemore’s art prints in the meantime then you can find everything here

Almost over …

The Artists UK Krazy Summer Sale is finally drawing to a close with only a few days left.  It has been more succesful than ever this year with many of our old customers snapping up the bargains so if you haven’t had a look yet then it might be an idea before it goes ‘pop’ and disappears like a magic trick !  You’ll notice that Artists UK Krazy Summer Sale is hyperlinked so all you need do is click it to go straight there.  Happy hunting!

The Dance of Siva is for sale!

WOW!  Just look in our Miscellaneous section for information on this incredibly huge statue.  The cost of the Nataraja statue is currently Rs.7500000 and at the time of writing £1 is around 70 Indian Rupees.  The Dance of Siva statue is bigger than anything currently in the Guiness Book of Records and Joseph Palackal is currently applying for it to be registered in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest statue of its type in the world. So; if you want to buy it before it gets too expensive take a look and let us know.