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All the Ed Org shows up until Christmas

Here are all the shows celebrated and amazingly talented artist Ed Org wil be at up until Christmas.  make sure you get along and buy up some goodies to give as fabulous presents … unless you find you can’t part with them of course .. its been known!

NOV  5/6  Art, Antiques and Collectibles Fair, British Motor Museum, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warks, CV35 0BJ

NOV 19/20  Art, Antiques & Collectibles Fair, Lowland Hall, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB

NOV  26/27  Ludlow Medieval Fayre, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, SY8 1AY

If you are not sure what on earth the fuss is about then have a look at the amazing art here and be visually staggered by the art so you just have to go along to one of the shows.

Apparently the Daily Mail newspaper is in urgent need of some real news to put on its front page so if you have some please do let them know.  Like many other online retailers we are not best pleased with today’s front page where the Daily Mail is clearly scraping the barrel in trying to get people to buy their newspaper.  Alleged problems at Marks & Spencer and John Lewis are blown out of all proportion into a frightening nightmare of nobody getting their online orders in time for Christmas.  Do the Daily Mail journalists think their readers are really that daft?  Probably.  Are they?  Hmmmmm.

Well, as we work a seven day week and use a variety of shipping methods calculated to ensure that none of our customers are left disappointed by the non-arrival of those special and hard-to-find collectibles, out-of-print books, limited editions, prints and posters let’s all feel some sympathy for those poor Daily Mail journalists who must truly be at their wits end if they have to scrape the barrel like this.  But enough of that Daily Mail nonsense, just come visit us and see what you can buy without rushing around in the wet and the cold by clicking here.

Last posting dates Christmas 2014

If you see that the last posting date has passed for your area then contact us and we can price a courier upgrade so your order of art prints or posters or art books etc can get to you by Christmas:

Wednesday 3 December Asia, Far East (including Japan), New Zealand
Thursday 4 December Australia
Friday 5 December Africa, Caribbean, Central & South America, Middle East
Monday 8 December Cyprus, Eastern Europe, Greece
Tuesday 9 December Canada, Poland
Friday 12 December USA
Saturday 13 December Western Europe (excluding Greece, Poland)

Saturday 20 December 1st Class and Royal Mail Signed For®
Tuesday 23 December Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®

Christmas approaching fast ….

Well, as usual we’ve been rushed off our feet here and if I wasn’t in desperate need of a coffee break this wouldn’t be getting written at all.  As you may have noticed, on www.artistsuk.co.uk we are committed to dispatching all orders for delivery within the UK in time for Christmas and we hope to maintain this right up to 23rd December with last orders being delivered on Christmas Eve.  Obviously, overseas customers will now need to contact us for courier rates if they want to stand any chance of getting their goodies by Christmas.  My guess is we’ll definitely have to switch off the guarantee to dispatch in time for Christmas for delivery within the UK before the 26th December because Bruno’s project to develop a time machine still hasn’t borne fruit.  Apparently, the hamster keeps falling off the treadwheel or something  🙂

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year from Artists UK. We hope you had a fabulously brilliant time and are ready for an excellent New Year.

I was in Germany over Christmas and I’ve always been astounded that the Germans have such a poor reputation for having a sense of humour. It has never seemed to me as if they lack one but as you’ll see from the following they have an innovative one as I doubt that we’d ever come come up with an expression like the one I just came across – “Ich muss darauf aufpassen, sonst habe ich zwei!”

All us boring lot can say is that we’d better keep an eye on it or someone will nick it. They came up with the above, which translates as, “I’d better keep an eye on it or I’ll have two of them!” Of course, it may be limited to north Germany where there are a lot of different expressions due to the prevalence of an older dialect called Platdeutsch (they say “Moin” instead of Guten Morgen for instance .. or at any time of day in fact). The Platdeutsch is closer to Dutch and has many nouns closer to English than high German (words for door, water etc etc).

German children also have the advantage of getting their Christmas presents earlier. They get them on Christmas Eve rather than on Christmas Day. They go off to their room for an hour or so while Santa does his rounds and come out to get their presents in the early evening. So now, if your children ask how Santa manages to get round all the houses in the world in one night you can tell them he distributes some presents in some countries on Christmas Eve. I’m sure there will be the inevitable rejoinder of why can’t we have ours earlier! … coz yor not German that’s why 🙂