RIP Sir Terry

A very sad day today as Terry finally meets his old friend DEATH and wanders off for a final chat with him.  Like many people I have read everything he ever wrote and have been reading Discworld novels since they started.

I was wondering what other Discworld characters might say about it.  I was thinking Granny Weatherwax might say, “He aten’t dead!” and Rincewind would undoubtedly ask what he had been running from and more importantly where it went to afterwards.  Commander Vimes would probably order him back to life with a threat that he’d not live to regret it if he didn’t do it.

Have you any other ideas of what other characters might say?

Goodbye Frank …

Frank Frazetta passed away on 10th May 2010.  The end of an era and the passing of one of the most talented and influential artists the world of fantasy art has ever seen.  Listing the names of those who quote Frank Frazetta as an influence would be a long job.  No doubt the passing away of his wife Ellie last year had a debilitating effect on him and he has not been well for a long time.   Much of the time during the seventies and eighties Frank Frazetta was fighting an undiagnosed thyroid condition that robbed him of much of his vitality and inspiration.  When it was diagnosed and treated much later it still progressed to the point of making it virtually impossible for him to paint with his right hand.  As one might have expected, Frank Frazetta bravely carried on, defiantly painting with his left hand instead! 

Since Frank Frazetta’s wife Ellie Frazetta died in 2009 there has been a bitter feud going on amongst the siblings that was finally settled out of court earlier this year.  Hopefully, the resulting agreements will make Frank Frazetta’s art easier to obtain.   Let us hope that his legacy will live on and that, as he always hoped, his art will never be forgotten.  If you have fond memories of your first introduction to Frank Frazetta’s art or any comments on his career or style then why not click the button and leave your contribution.