Patrick Woodroffe in Denmark !


Claus Brusen Mikkelsen is checking all the pages of “BENIGN ICONS” before it comes out. Claus Brusen Mikkelsen is now the publisher. It shall be launched including a quite large exhibition of Patrick Woodroffe’s work at his new gallery “FANTASMUS” Groennegade 3, 9300 Saeby, Denmark on Saturday the 14.06.08.

Great news for our continental customers or anyone in the UK who wants to go to Denmark and have the chance to see the work of a living legend. Patrick Woodroffe’s art is not just brilliant, it is astounding! Apart from the sheer vibrancy and original creativity of it the technique (especially the incredibly intricate small details) is really something else. The top off to the awe inspired by seeing Patrick Woodroffe’s original work is when you find out that he is almost entirely self-taught – utterly awesome indeed!

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Château des Réaux art exhibition – opportunity or exploitation ?

On 8th April we asked the UK representative for Château des Réaux’s art exhibition and competition for more detailed information because we had been contacted by the president of an artists agency in the USA and some artists expressing their concerns about the legitimacy of this exhibition. Since then we have also been contacted by a journalist who is curious about the way in which this exhibition competition has been advertised. We hope that this is a legitimate exhibition and competition that will be of benefit to artists but we have a number of reservations that prohibit us from offering it on our opportunities for artists page with a link to them. This is what we know or do not know so far :

  • The exhibition competition is being run by Mr. Evgeny Yukhnytsya, the owner of Castle Reaux, who is apparently a well-known poet from the Ukraine. However, a Google search on Yukhnytsya gives nothing on him that was not written by his own staff. He is supposedly a well-known patron of the arts in France who has won a medal for his work (see below) so why is there nothing independentally written about him? Is there a valid reason or is he just what would be described in London by the technical term “a dodgy geezer”? We wish we knew!
  • Ms. Nadia Ovchinnikova is our contact at Château des Réaux. She contacted us on 3rd March 2008 with respect to posting their art exhibition competition details on Artists UK DotNet. She has only been there for a few months and initially reacted angrily to the questions we asked about the art exhibition competition. We did a check to ensure that the telephone number given was actually registered to Château des Réaux and this does appear to be the case.
  • Then she sent us an image of the award Mr. Yukhnytsya won from Academie Mazarine for his patronage of the arts (in the music field last time apparently). We have looked at Academie Mazarine. Although the Mazarines are an old order this appears to be a commercial website and it is difficult for us to assess the true value of this award. It doesn’t seem to compare to any such award we would have in the UK. It does not appear to be endorsed by any Governmental body for instance. Again, with no record elsewhere of him being awarded this and nothing on his poetry etc it is hard to substantiate the claim. That doesn’t mean he was not given this award for being a patron of the arts but what this award really signifies is uncertain.
  • Ms. Ovchinnikova became vague about who the judges would be, claiming it was being kept as a surprise. Who for? Surely any artist submitting work would want to know in advance who is going to judge it and what their credentials are. wouldn’t they? We wonder if anyone is ever going to know who the judges are. After promising to send more information she has done nothing at all so far.
  • There is no information regarding any independent accountants being involved to audit the competition and the giving of awards. Château des Réaux do not even state how and where the winners details will be published.
  • Their contract clearly states what the agenda is. The artist agrees to sell them their original oil painting with full title transfer for 305 Euros. This means that the artist retains no rights to the painting and Mr. Yukhnytsya can sell it for whatever he likes and also get royalties on the sale of reproductions, income from licensing etc forever afterwards. Is this really in the artist’s best interests or is it mostly in Mr. Yukhnytsya’s best interests? Is 305 Euros for full title transfer on an original oil painting a reasonable offer? Sounds very low to us. They say on their contract that this isn’t for everyone. Does that mean it is only for the really desperate? Isn’t that a form of exploitation? If you are an artist you will have to decide for yourself how you feel about this.
  • The legal contract also appears to give Mr. Yukhnytsya the legal right to display or sell a painting without acknowledging the artist. It only gives the artist the right to assert that they painted it. These two are very different and if this is correct we cannot see how this promotes the artist at all. Château des Réaux have not replied to clarify this point either.

If you are an artist who has submitted a painting to Château des Réaux we want to hear from you. Whether your feedback is positive or negative please contact us by email by clicking here. If you have not submitted work then you can leave your comments at the bottom of this post. We still hope to clarify the situation but unless Château des Réaux are prepared to provide more information this will not be possible.

Our recommendation based on what little we know is that any artist submitting a painting should be very clear about the contract they are entering into and be very aware that they are trusting a man who does not seem to be mentioned on the Internet other than in what has been written by his own staff at Château des Réaux. Will the competition awards really take place? Anyone’s guess right now. What do you think?

Ed Org one-man shows

Ed Org’s shows will run from the14th Feb – 16th March 2008 .

Private view Sunday 17th Feb. Obsidian Art, Layby Farm, Old Risborough Road, Stoke Mandeville, Bucks. HP22 5XJ.

It will showcase work from 1975 (LOTR) through ‘Hobgoblin’ work to present day images. Ed will also be taking part in an exhibition called ‘Imagine’ on Feb 17th – March 2nd 2008 at the Imagine gallery, Hall Street, Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 9JL.

So; if you’d like to meet artist Ed Org, now definitely confirmed as unique and uncloned despite doubts in previous posts, then here are the places to be … and please let him know you heard about it via Artists UK DotNet so he’ll make sure we don’t run out of stock :-)

Ed Org IN PERSON :-)

Sadly it emerges that Ed Org is not capable of bi-location and has not been cloned. Mind you, with a few more of him running around producing those amazing works of art (and identically!) it wouldn’t be so special (and possibly a bit creepy too :-( ). So; on the downside it means he won’t be at both places and a friend of his will be running his stall at one of the events on the duplicate dates. On the upside it means he is still unique! :-)

…… finally here is what he says –

“I will be in person at Ludlow Medieval fair (24/25 Nov) and Knebworth (8/9 Dec)”

So; if you want to meet the great Ed Org go along with all your clones and ENJOY :-)

If you have no idea who he is or want to buy prints then click here.

Ed Org dates

As promised, here are artist Ed Org’s dates for the rest of this year. He is doing two places on some weekends. He has not confirmed yet whether he has gained a yogic power to bi-locate or is going to be at one fair one day and at another on the other day or parts of each day or whether someone else is running one of the stalls for him. Or maybe he is actually twins with the same name or has been recently cloned. All will be revealed in the fulness of time and when we know we’ll let you know … :-)

Nov 17/18 Broadlands, Nr Romsey, Hampshire.

Nov 24/25 Ludlow Medieval Fayre, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire.

Nov 24/25 Loseley House Crafts for Xmas, Loseley Park, Compton, Guildford, Surrey.

Dec 1/2 Marlborough Xmas Fair, Marlborough Town Hall, High St, Wilts.

Dec 8/9 Knebworth Xmas Show, Knebworth House, Herts.

Dec 8/9 Caerphilly Medieval Fayre, Caerphilly Castle, S.Wales.

Dec 22 Xmas Dorchester, Dorchester Town Hall, Dorset.

Ed Org prints can be purchased here.

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