Glastonbury Faerie Fair – Ed Org and the Frouds are there!

If you live anywhere near Glastonbury then the wonderfully talented artist Ed Org will be at the Faerie Fair at Glastonbury on 10-11th March. Celebrated and practically legendary faery artist Brian Froud and his equally talented model-making wife Wendy Froud will also be attending as well as all the other usual artistic suspects.   If you love fantasy art then this is the place to be.  If you are not familiar with artist Ed Org’s amazing work then look here.  If you are really unsure about any of it then you can also find artist Brian Froud’s art here and Wendy Froud art here.

Jay Blakemore shows

For those who delight in the dragons and other fantasy art of artist Jay Blakemore you’ll find him at the following events:

The Ashbourne Highland Gathering. Ashbourne, Derbyshire. July 18th
Elton Hall, Peterborough. 31st July – 31st August.
Midland History Festival, Stratford Armouries, Startford-Upon-Avon. 7-8 August.
Rougham Air Display & Craft Village. Bury-St-Edmunds. 14-15 august.

Be sure to tell him you found out about it at Artists UK won’t you?

If you want to buy any of Jay Blakemore’s art prints in the meantime then you can find everything here

Ed Org June and August dates

If you want to catch the immensely talented artists Ed Org in person then you’ll need to trundle off to one of the places we gave for May or go to Marlborough Town Hall in Wiltshire on 26th June.  If  Wiltshire doesn’t grab you then East Sussex in August is another possibility to meet the great Ed Org at the Herstmonceux Medieval Fair at Hertsmonceux castle from 28 – 30th August. 

Be sure to let him know how you knew he was there.  In the meantime, if you still haven’t got a copy of his amazing book or need a new print for that bare wall then just click here.

Last Ed Org show dates for this year

Ed Org has these remaining dates for this year:
21/22   Wimpole Hall, Wimpole Estate, Royston, Cambs.
28/29   Ludlow Medieval Festival, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire.

5/6      Woodstock Craft Fair, Woodstock Town Hall, Oxon.
12/13   Xmas Arts and Crafts, Wood Green Animal Shelter, London Road, Godmanchester, Cambs.
19        Xmas Crafts, Langdale Hall, Witney, Oxon.

So if you want to catch Ed Org “in the flesh” then here’s your chance and you’ll see he actually is flesh coloured and not, as you might think, composed of wonderfully delicate shades of graphite :-)
To see Ed Org’s wonderful artwork click here.

Ed Org shows update

In contradiction to the current advertising that is out there and also here on Artists UK DotNet artist Ed Org won’t be at the Laughing Magpie event as it clashes with the Ludlow Medieval fair so if you want to see him you’ll need to go to the other event instead or rapdily between both maybe?   On the other hand Ed Org will also be at the ‘Goddess Fair’ that is on in Canterbury on the 15 – 16th of August.  So there you are, just get your calendar organised and you can split yourself quite easily between goddesses and magpies :-)

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