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War of Angels by Todd Lockwood
War of Angels by Todd Lockwood

Painted in 2006 when Bullseye Tattoos called Todd Lockwood with what was for Todd an irresistible project.  This was to do an institutional series of posters where Todd Lockwood was commissioned to paint anything he wanted, so long as it looked like it was tattooed on a person’s back!  Every artist loves a job like this and Todd Lockwood was no exception!   He went into his archive of “Paintings I’d Like to See” and came up with this.  It turned out to be a stunning depiction of a war between heaven and hell with white and dark angels slugging it out in true Heroes fashion ! This ‘War of Angels’ was then reproduced as a large Todd Lockwood Limited Edition art print, which you can find on sale at Artists UK.

It’s About Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Adventures

One of our customers has supplied us with some info on a wonderful forum for art lovers you might like to join.  Here are the details:-

The forum I visit on a daily basis is on Spacecast.com. It is a place where
we exchange ideas and opinions in a friendly manner, even if more often than
not, we tease each other in full respect of each others opinions.

We talk about Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Adventures. We talk about
old and new series, movies and books.

We talk about new discoveries in science and we also have started recently
threads on artists’ artworks with respect of their copyrights and tittles.

When you visit the forum, you will find that they (the Spacemonkeys) try to
make it easy to find all the different subjects by categorising them.

We all make sure every new comers are welcome and they can add to the fun we
have there. I, myself, been there for some years now and I still enjoy the
simplicity of the place.

So, I invite everyone to register with your name or username. It is as you
wish. ;))



Here are 2 threads I personaly started:

Marc’s thread #1

Marc’s thread #2

And here is the link to Spacecast

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