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2015 Election Art Special

Remember the old days when national elections were fun?  That fabulous time when apart from Lord Such and his wonderful Monster Raving Looney Party there was some bloke who changed his name by deed poll to Margaret Thatcher and stood as a candidate.  Not only that there were fabulous alternatives like “The Best Party I’ve Ever Been To Party” but unfortunately not available in the real elections were the candidates of Monty Python’s Election Special where The Silly Party win by a landslide and the slightly silly candidate Kenneth Philip Bong polls no votes at all but optimistically bursts into song with “Climb Every Mountain …”

Well, in the spirit of the old days as we approach the rather sombre 2015 boring old farts election here is John Zehentner’s amazing contemporary painting appropriately entitled “Don’t Blame Me I Voted Looney”.

More of John Zenentner’s work can be seen at the Southport Arts Project  in Southport along with many other local talented artists.  Entrance is free so well worth a visit if you are there one weekend.  Here is where it is: Southport Arts Project, Promenade, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0DZ


The next Exhibition of Mythic Arts & Crafts will take place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th October 2014, in the Assembly Rooms of Glastonbury.

The exhibitors are :
Alexandra Dawe (drawing and painting)
Chris Down (drawing and painting)
Marc Potts (painting)
Neil Geddes-Ward (painting)
Julien Hatswell (painting and sculpture),
Kelly Potts Martinez (sculpture and jewellery)
Tamara Newman (painting)
Sue Rawley (repousse)
Katrina Sesum (drawing and painting) and
Gary Williamson (stonecarving and painting)

The exhibition will be open from 10am until 7pm on Saturday, and 10am until 4pm on Sunday.
Entry is free, and the cafe will be open all weekend.

Please join us for a weekend of beautiful artwork in the heart of mystical Glastonbury. Each of our talented artists will be in attendance throughout the weekend to discuss their work and creative process. This is a fantastic opportunity to see, and buy, original art and to meet the maker in person.

You can find out more via the EMAC website or through theirFacebook page.

Roger Dean original goes up for auction!

Roger Dean Original YesShows Artwork

This is the original artwork for the Yes album “YesShows” by the iconic and highly sought after artist Roger Dean. This piece was commissioned from Roger Dean by prog-rock band Yes in 1980. This stunning signed original acrylic Roger Dean painting is on board with collage measuring 26 1/2 inches by 17 1/2 inches and comes complete with certificate issued by the San Francisco Art Exchange LLC.  Confirmed valuation of $260.000 from the Art Exchange (£163.000 approx) issued in December 2009 from the same source, is included in the sale. The valuation for this Roger Dean painting has substantially risen over the past three years, and looks to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Roger Dean’s unique artwork featured on 23 album covers for Yes alone. Along with other bands including Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep and even The London Philharmonic Orchestra his album artwork has sold 60 million copies worldwide. For a Roger Dean painting like this to come to auction at all is extremely rare.
This Roger Dean original will appeal both to Yes collectors and art enthusiasts alike, both of whom will appreciate the worth of a Roger Dean original painting. If you have any queries or wish to obtain further details then click here.  If you don’t know what this is all about or are after Roger Dean’s posters then click here.

Picture of the Month

Book of Merlin by Alan Lee
Book of Merlin by Alan Lee

The classic picture shown on the right here is towards the end of the story of King Arthur’s life by TH White and a wonderful depiction by Alan Lee of both King Arthur and Merlin.  This beautiful painting, well actually a combination of drawing and watercolour painting, was reproduced as a fine-art limited edition print that has always been popular.  The detail in the picture is incredible and really evokes the whole scene so well.  This was of course drawn and painted prior to Alan Lee’s rise to fame with the Lord of the Rings trilogy that earned him such high awards.  When you look at the quality of his drawing and painting it is not surprising.  Actually, it is more surprising that it took so long for the general public to become aware of such talent.  But then we always seem to rate our film and pop celebrities way above our artists.  That perhaps says something about our modern culture or a lack of it.  At any rate, it is quite certain that Alan Lee’s work will be enjoyed as long as there are people on the planet to enjoy it and will be an inspiration to many future artists.  Why not click the comments button and tell us what Alan Lee’s art means to you?

To see more art by Alan Lee click here.

What is Michael Kaluta doing?

Artists rarely have time to put pen to paper or bash out an email about what they are doing but occasionally we get updates on what artists are doing and what shows they are at etc.  Michael Kaluta, the well-known American artist, while waiting for the go-ahead for his latest project, has told us what he’s been up to in his last busy year.  This is what Michael Kaluta has to say –

“… back in March ’09, I was drawing the 3rd issue of a 5-issue story arc for DC/Vertigo’s Madame Xanadu comic book: the collected issues, titled Exodus Noir, just hit the stands here in the States.

I was also getting the old Starstruck Comic Book ready for a reprinting through IDW: taller pages, new full-painted color (by Lee Moyer), each with a new cover. The Adventures of the Galactic Girl Guides has been added each issue as a back-up feature. (Pencils: me, Inks: Charles Vess, Color: Lee Moyer and Writing: Elaine Lee, naturally!)
Our 6th new Starstruck issue (out of 13-issue series) just hit the stands here… it’s a treat!
There WAS to be a George RR Martin Fire and Ice Calendar for 2010, but the publisher dropped the ball several times and even missed it on the bounce…  so, that art may find a home later…
I’m also knee-deep in three nice big commissioned pictures: two are Shadow-oriented, the other is part of a planned triptych based on A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream (Titania and Bottom in his Donkey-guise)
I just did a silly but fun pin-up of Uncle Creepy for Dark Horse Comics and a Marvel Cover of Machine Man fighting Zombie Killraven…  go figure!!!
I’m waiting on some other folks to get back to me on different projects… the longer they don’t get in touch, the less time I’ll have to do the work.”
So there you go, a life in the year of Michael Kaluta.
You can see more of his work here or visit his own website here.
He also said that two of my personal favourites of his work are also two of his personal favourites.  These are:
Fate of Dollies Lost in Dreams by Michael Kaluta

Fate of Dollies Lost in Dreams by Michael Kaluta

Sentry by Michael Kaluta

Sentry by Michael Kaluta

The difficulty with some of Michael Kaluta’s work is that although it is quite immediate, vibrant and colourful, you don’t really appreciate it until you look at it closely and carefully.  So few people take the time to really look at art and they are poorer for the lack of attention they give to it.  If you want art to touch you then you have to give it your attention.  A quick glance and, “Oh that’s nice” really doesn’t do it.  Art will draw you in and reach depths of you that you didn’t know existed but you have to give it the chance to do that.  These two paintings by Michael Kaluta are very much like that.  ‘Fate of Dollies’ will probably awaken feelings you haven’t had since you were a child and possibly the same with ‘Sentry’.  ‘Sentry’ is more complex and poses more questions but both are truly evocative pieces like so much of Michael Kaluta’s work.  Let’s hope he’s doing it for many more years to come.