How about having your original art on sale to the whole world ?

It is very simple – just go to our ecommerce website here . Click the appropriate option into your shopping cart and you have bought a space in the gallery for a whole year! You go to the checkout and pay by credit or debit card. You then have two weeks to send us a jpg of your painting before your year starts. If you don’t have access to digital technology you can send us a high quality photograph that we will digitally photograph for you at no extra charge. Make sure you tell us as much as possible about the original work to help us sell it for you – materials used including the board or canvas, your inspiration for it and whether it has been published or won prizes etc as well as about yourself. You decide the price for it (remember to include your cost of delivering it to us when it sells and we charge a handling fee of 6% of the sale price for each sale). You can email your jpeg(s) & additional info to us (we only need a small jpg image that shows at around 4″ x 5″ on screen). We only display a small jpg so your copyright is better protected.

So; what are you waiting for? Your art can now be on sale to the whole world for a few pennies a day! Or even less if you exhibit more than one piece! See here for details.