Ed Org IN PERSON :-)

Sadly it emerges that Ed Org is not capable of bi-location and has not been cloned. Mind you, with a few more of him running around producing those amazing works of art (and identically!) it wouldn’t be so special (and possibly a bit creepy too :-( ). So; on the downside it means he won’t be at both places and a friend of his will be running his stall at one of the events on the duplicate dates. On the upside it means he is still unique! :-)

…… finally here is what he says –

“I will be in person at Ludlow Medieval fair (24/25 Nov) and Knebworth (8/9 Dec)”

So; if you want to meet the great Ed Org go along with all your clones and ENJOY :-)

If you have no idea who he is or want to buy prints then click here.

Ed Org dates

As promised, here are artist Ed Org’s dates for the rest of this year. He is doing two places on some weekends. He has not confirmed yet whether he has gained a yogic power to bi-locate or is going to be at one fair one day and at another on the other day or parts of each day or whether someone else is running one of the stalls for him. Or maybe he is actually twins with the same name or has been recently cloned. All will be revealed in the fulness of time and when we know we’ll let you know … :-)

Nov 17/18 Broadlands, Nr Romsey, Hampshire.

Nov 24/25 Ludlow Medieval Fayre, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire.

Nov 24/25 Loseley House Crafts for Xmas, Loseley Park, Compton, Guildford, Surrey.

Dec 1/2 Marlborough Xmas Fair, Marlborough Town Hall, High St, Wilts.

Dec 8/9 Knebworth Xmas Show, Knebworth House, Herts.

Dec 8/9 Caerphilly Medieval Fayre, Caerphilly Castle, S.Wales.

Dec 22 Xmas Dorchester, Dorchester Town Hall, Dorset.

Ed Org prints can be purchased here.

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