Alan Lee signed prints finally back in stock

After a long time of waiting we have finally managed to slot into the very busy filming schedule of Oscar-winning Tolkien artist Alan Lee to get some more prints signed by him so there are now more signed Hobbit and Lord of the Rings prints available as long as they last.

Since some of the prints themselves are hard to come by we don’t have all of them in great quantity so if you want a particular one best be quick or it may well disappear quite quickly.

You’ll find them all on this link here.

Otherwise, you’ll find the latest new items in all categories on our Latest Updates Page here.

Or if you want to do a search for something on Artists UK then you can do that by clicking here.

Meet John Howe in Edinburgh … or thereabouts !

Artist John Howe (of Tolkien fame) will be giving talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Saturday
August 23rd, from 8:00 pm to 9: pm. He says he’s not sure of the exact location but we hope he’ll manage to sort that out by next weekend. The festival site is here

It is apparently the very first time John Howe has set foot in Scotland (well he doesn’t actually live in the UK) so if it is your first time too then no need to feel embarrassed (although maybe a bit if you live in the north of England!) :-)

John Howe at Comics Con

Tolkien artist extraordinaire John Howe who worked with Alan Lee on Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings film trilogy will be attending Comic Con in San Diego this summer, an event which he says he is quite  looking forward to.  More news on exactly what he’ll be doing there is not available.  Apparently it depends on what his editor tells him he’ll be doing there.  Let’s hope the editor knows …