Hello world, the Artists UK blog has arrived!

Well, here it is at last! The long awaited Artists UK blog. Somewhere in the world where artists, no matter where they are can get to together and swap ideas and views on a variety of subjects and where we can post articles and news about art and artists. We’ll be putting up ideas for discussion and if you are an artist and are interested in becoming an author on this blog then contact us by email and let us know who you are and what you’d like to be writing about. Of course a pre-requisite is being able to write in English. Sorry about that but although my French is very good and I’ve a bit of German etc it would get confusing if we kept swapping languages so it’ll have to be English (or as close as we manage to get to it anyway!! :-)) So; for starters, any of you artists out there with comments about where this blog could go and what you’d like to see here can start adding comments as a contributor. We’ll be posting our first articles here within the next week or so …


  • Jon

    What a wonderful use of blogging software! A place for artists to have their say!

  • Eric

    This is a great web site. I have always been a great fan of ArtistsUK and now we have a proper blog for all the artists in the UK. Thanks!

  • Brian

    Simply amazing. What can I say? Spoilt for choice! Superb artworks ……but that is what we have come to expect from Artists UK.
    Keep up the good work.

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