What we learned about art from watching HEROES

Of course we’ve been sucked in to Tim Kring’s HEROES like everybody else – HEROES Season 1, HEROES Season 2 and HEROES Season 3 … and an excellent ride it has been too!  Here’s what we learned about art from watching HEROES:

  1. You can’t draw or paint until your eyes go white.
  2. Drugs are useful even if they are made from dung.
  3. Everything in the comics comes true.
  4. Just coz you’ve drawn it don’t mean you can stop it (Oh wots dis in your back?).
  5. It is a dangerous business! If you are a good guy artist you probably get the top of your head cut off or fully decapitated.
  6. Good artists with a big stick don’t die, they come back as spirit guides.

So; the final conclusion from HEROES :

Go work for Marvel, be a bad guy with a big stick and take loads of drugs full of dung.

We’re not totally sure Tim had that in mind though :-)

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