Waterfall by MC Escher

Waterfall by MC Escher

MC Escher was an amazing Dutch artist whose surreal art prints like the impossible Waterfall shown here still dumbfound people as was undoubtedly Escher’s intention.  MC Escher challenges the way we look at the world and the way our sense of sight works.  Just glance at any Escher art print or poster and it hits you as he shows how the perspective can be manipulated to trick you into thinking we are seeing something you are not seeing.  Even when you look closely at MC Escher’s art it can be hard to see how it all works.  How did MC Escher manage to make it look like the waterfall is perpetual?  How does it end up where it started defying all the logic of our perceptions?  MC Escher was an extraordinary Dutch artist with a keen interest in geometry.  MC Escher produced many surreal visual puzzles and some of these Escher puzzles were used for album cover art like Reptiles for the Mott the Hoople album.  MC Escher’s work, has never really dated and an MC Escher impossible puzzle looks as freash today as it did back when he drew them.

A guest in your home seeing Escher’s endless waterfall is going to be drawn to comment.  If you’d like to see our range of MC Escher prints and posters then just click here where there are plenty of different Escher products to chose from either for yourself or to give someone else a slice of Escher mind-bending!

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