About Artists UK

both .co.uk and .net for both are truly Artists UK :-)

Artists UK started in May 1994 and then jumped onto the great World Wide Wobbly to become originally www.artistsuk.net because someone had registered the .co.uk although they never used it for anything.  After we got the .co.uk we originally used the .net as a bounce to keep the SEO up but then in with swapping servers and upgrading software we decided it was time to do something worthwhile with it.

So; here it is, a place where we can show you stuff that doesn’t fit in with the ecommerce theme of www.artistsuk.co.uk and at the same time provide a forum for artists and fans of art to exchange views and ideas all around this muddy ball swirling around through space.

Artists UK deals with many famous artists all over the world. The Artists Blog is for anyone involved in the art field, whether an artist, publisher or a fan of art generally.

More info on Artists UK can be found on the main www.artistsuk.co.uk website.  ENJOY!