It’s nice to be appreciated!

We have a massive long list of unsolicited customer testimonials on our ecommerce website at but it isn’t that often we get to see our customers in these days of impersonal Internet ordering. One of our customers was so impressed with the Christmas gift he bought from us for his wife and how happy she was with it he emailed us with a photo of her with the framed print and thanked us for being there to provide it…..

Kathie with her framed Rivendell by Alan Lee

“The print arrived in great shape and has already been framed. I attached a picture of my wife with her print. My wife really loved it and I wanted to thank you for your help in acquiring it. My wife said Alan Lee was a big inspiration for her in her art career. The only problem now is that she can’t decide what room of the house to put it in. She wants to be able to look at it all the time and doesn’t know what room is best. It will probably end up in her Art Studio so that she can look at it while she paints.”

It is nice to be appreciated! Thanks! :-)

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