Ed Org show dates up to Christmas 2011

Ed Org will be at the following shows:

November: 10/11/12/13 Milton Keynes Shopping Centre
19/20 Wimpole House, Arrington, Royston, Cambs
26/27 Ludlow Castle Medieval Fayre, Ludlow, Shropshire

December: 8/9/10/11 Chichester Winter Market, Chichester, W.Sussex
17/18 Xmas Arts and Crafts, The Victoria Halls, Hartley Wintney, Nr. Fleet, Hants.

If you are not familiar with his incredible artwork then look here .

The Green Man

The Green Man comic book by Nic

The Green Man comic book by Nic

It isn’t often that something really new comes along in the field of comics or graphic novels but this is an amazing achievement.  The whole of the Green Man comic book, story, text and pictures was created by one talented man whose family supported him in giving up his job to produce this masterpiece.  There really is nothing quite like it and for anyone into Playmobil or Lego seeing the toys come to life like this is amazing.  It has a fabulous storyline with clever and artistically produced photographs of Playmobil toys in real or created landscapes or settings.  The reader can have absolutely no idea how much work is involved just to get the shadow right that one of the little Playmobil toys casts in a realistic landscape setting!  This kind of design work is really creative and required a good eye for detail and a lot of skill and patience on the part of the author.  If you want to find out more you can visit the author’s website here.

The Green Man comic book is available in English and German with the French and Spanish versions due for release anytime now.  The author worked with a numbedr of skilled translators to have the Green Man comic book translated into the other languages from the original English.  The German was translated by Johanne Ostendorf whose website is here where you can read in her project examples how much she enjoyed working on this unique project.

Picture of the month

Isabel by Bob Venosa

Isabel by Bob Venosa

ROBERT VENOSA January 21, 1936 to August 9, 2011

We thought we’d choose this one by Bob Venosa as picture of the month since Bob Venosa finally lost his battle against cancer recently having confounded the doctor’s for eight years by defying their “you’ve only got a couple of months to live Mr Venosa” predictions and carrying on for eight years.  Bob Venosa, inspired by Dali to a large extent, was a great painter.  Bob Venosa’s wife said, “The great Venosa left his body on Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 6:56 PM.”  Robert Venosa’s famous works of visionary art paintings inspired countless artists.  To see more, click here.

Alexandra Dawe at the Samhain Avalon Faery Ball

Night and Her Train of Stars by Alexandra Dawe

Night and Her Train of Stars by Alexandra Dawe

You’ll get a chance to meet artist Alexandra Dawe if you go to the Samhain Avalon Faery Ball on 29th & 30th October 2011 in Glastonbury.  If you are not yet familiar with Alexandra Dawe’s fabulous art then click here.  For more info on the Samhain Avalon Faery Ball then click here.

Tood Lockwood dates

Major art talent Todd Lockwood, famous for his depiction of Drizzt and the worlds of Salvatore’s books, will be at a number of events over the summer so if you are in the USA over the summer or in Italy in the autumn you might want to put these dates in your diary and get to meet one of the greatest modern artists around:

Comic Con, July 21-24 in San Diego, CA
Dragon Con, August 2-5 in Atlanta, GA,
Milan Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix, October 8-9, Milan Italy
If you are not yet familiar with Todd Lockwood’s amazing art then here are a few of his stunning paintings to get your mouth watering for more:
Demonstone by Todd Lockwood for the R.A.Salvatore book cover

Demonstone by Todd Lockwood for the R.A.Salvatore book cover

War of Angels by Tood Lockwood

War of Angels by Todd Lockwood

Soujourn by Todd Lockwood for the Salvatore Drizzt book cover

Soujourn by Todd Lockwood for the Salvatore Drizzt book cover

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