TNT? More like a damp squib!

Over the years most of our suppliers have been professional and reliable but every now and again we get one like TNT.  Years ago we stopped using Business Post because of the really bad service and now TNT are out.  Why? They just don’t get round to collecting like every other courier does.  Our inland courier APC is often here within 20 minutes of a request for a collection.  Before Christmas a TNT driver phoned at 4pm saying “I’m so busy, please can I pick up first thing tomorrow morning?” We said okay but next morning came and went and nobody came from TNT.  Late in the day another TNT driver came and informed us that the first one had been sacked!  Now we thought okay it can happen, just a one-off … but yesterday again, no show, no phone call, no nothing.  The reply from TNT as to why the collection had failed was … and you won’t believe this in this day and age of satnavs etc … “the TNT driver had trouble finding the address” !  Now if that was one of our artists living way out in the middle of the moors I could understand it maybe but even then not really.  Now, if you can’t rely on TNT to collect how can you rely on them to deliver?  No, you can’t, so we’ll use someone else in future thanks, not TNT.

New Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine out now

Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine

Issue #35 Dec 2012/Jan 2013

On Sale 15th November

A Kool issue for you to chase away those winter blues.

Pinstripers this issue are Chris Dortants, Sandro Mossa

RoTed Turner &b Valentini.

Check out Kustom Kulture Blastoff the Uks only airbrush & kustom art extravaganza in all its glory.

Going all lowbrow this time are John Hoogeveen & Ryan Winchcombe

We also revisit Mike DiTonno’s Boneyard, join Paul Waring at a traditional soda fountain in Wisconsin, USA.

Luli’s World explores the Miss Fortune Fashion Show at Americana UK

We step up to the Bar with Dan Akroyd for his Chystal Head Vodka!

Tattooists Paul Goss & Tony Jackson reveal their work

Our airbrush show case features : Cesar Deferrari, Charles Armstrong and Andy Anderson

Craig Fraser goes all Steampunk at the Gold Tooth Gallery.

Alan Pastrana who concludes his awesome step by step series with the “Wicked” Pin Up Girl.

A content packed edition to keep you glued to every page this festive season.

Free T-Shirt!

Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine are giving away t-shirts with their current subscriptions so if you’re interested in graphics and/or pinstriping and have been thinking of taking out a subscription I guess now is the time. Subscribe before 1st October 2012 and they will send you a free ‘T’ from PKG!

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New dates for artist Ed Org

If you haven’t made it to any of Ed Org’s shows so far this year (shame on you!) here are the ones coming up for September and October.  Be there or be something with four straight sides of equal length :-)

August 31st to 2nd September – Knebworth Craft Festival, Knebworth House, Herts

15 – 16 September – Newbury Show, Newbury Show Ground, Berks.

13 – 14 October – Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire

20 – 21 October – Thorseby Park, Ollerton, Notts.

27 – 28 October – Avalon Faerie Fayre, Glastonbury Town Hall, Somerset

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