2008 must be a lucky year !

Well, so far, at Artists UK we have been pleased with 2008. Not only have we had lots of orders from all you wonderful people visiting our sites but we’ve also been finding lots more rare items that we thought long since gone forever. Since we are know for having such unavailable collectibles these little finds boosts our feeling of raison d’etre into the stratosphere :-) But don’t worry we always come down eventually from the initial joy and surprise to actually getting the stuff onto the website so that you lovely people (see above) can come along and snaffle it up. We always hope these items go to good homes, rather like the RSPCA shelters finding homes for cute little poozikats and doggies. If you’re not sure whether you would be a good home then that’s easily sorted as there are several fact sheets on this website for looking after prints and posters. Anyway, enough rambling as there is much to do on www.artistsuk.co.uk and DotNet may not be seeing so much action for a week or so though we’ll always do our best to reply to comments left here.

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