Spread a little madness !

The Artists UK Krazy Summer Sale certainly got off to a rocketing start this year and left some people a bit puzzled since we put some items in the sale priced at only 1p.  One customer wrote, ” … still can’t quite believe that the Chris Foss was only 1p.”  Yes, of course, we don’t make anything out of that.  We certainly haven’t found a way to buy stock for less than 1p.  If we do then we’ll be found living it up somewhere in the Bahamas :-)   There are a couple of reasons why the sale has been so popular this year.  One is the aforementioned 1p giveaway but we reckon it is also because we were too busy last year to have a sale.  We kind of like to think some of our long-term customers were suffering withdrawal symptoms.  That would make them about as nutty as we are :-)

There are still plenty of goodies left in the Summer Sale even if some sale stock has now sold out.  You can see what there is by clicking here.  Of course, if you opt to be on the mailing list you will get notified when the summer sale starts, which is how you get to pick up the best bargains and who knows what might happen towards the end of the Artists UK Krazy Summer Sale ???? ………  :-)

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