Let’s get this straight …

These entries are not necessarily going to make the most sense, be the most relevant or the most interesting but hopefully they will be a lot of fun :-) and if not then you’ll have to say so by adding a comment or forever holding your pieces!

We’ll explore things like why it is that Tiscali went belly-up yesterday for the whole of the UK. Their Customer Services said that no Tiscali customer in the UK had access to the Internet when it happened late yesterday afternoon (after the mouse fell of the treadwheel ? :-) ). Still, as promised, Tiscali did get us all back online by 9am this morning. O the joys of computers, ISPs, servers and software … the fervent prayers we all offer up that they won’t go wrong just now … not till I’ve sent this email … finished this order … updated this website … Oh bugger >¬£+”%*&(£$X%%^ :-( !

We will also explore subjects as diverse as water, music, weather and any number of other daft ideas that pop into my fevered brain overloaded with running Artists UK. These posts are not to be considered as mainstream Artists UK DotNet but just a bit of a giggle on the sidelines ….

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