The legacy of Chris Achilleos

As every pucker fantasy art fan knows, the legendary artist Chris Achilleos died just before Christmas 2021. He left the legacy of his artork to his two daughters Anna and Esther who are setting up a website to honour this legay.

They have explained that it has been, and still is, very hard to process the fact that theirDad is no longer with them. Anyone who knew Chris, as i did, knows that he was full of life and even at 74 he was out clubbing a month before he died so I’m sure you can understand what a shock his sudden and unexpected death was to his two duaghters along with everyone else who knew him. Esther and Anna really want to make him proud and would want him to know that the decision to leave his artwork and PI to them was a good decision. With that in mind, we are sharing the link to their new website here. The link currently only goes to a landing page but it does have a contact link on it to email them about licensing issues etc. They will, in time, grow the website and will produce prints and merchandise.

The link is:

You can also buy various reproductions here.

The other side of Ed Org

Thousands of people who have visited artist Ed Org at craft fairs and shows around the country have seen his incrtedibly talented sketchworks and paintings of mythological characters and country scenes but did you know that there is another Ed Org out there hiding in plain sight on supermarket and off licence shelves? For many years Ed Org has been the “artist in residence” for the specialist creators of fine ales – Wychwood Brewery. He has designed many and varied colourful characters including the famous hobgoblin. Well, if all this is new to you then here’s a great sample of the amazing artwork from the other side of Ed Org finishing appropriately for the time of publishing this article with a Christmas motif that artist Ed Org designed and painted for Wychwood:

Ever wondered what Ed Org’s studio looks like?

Have you ever wondeed what a famous artist’s studio looks like? I have seen many of them over the years and one thing is quite common. No matter whether the artist is tidy or untidy anywhere else, their studio is usually very organised even if sometimes in a way that isn’t readily obvious to someone else. As you can see below, Ed Org has the kind of environment to work in that you might suspect he’d have being one of the most talented artists anywhere right now. You might notice that unlike many artists, the pictures on the wall are not all his own work. If you are familiar with the work of many artists you might know whose work it is he has on the wall. If you think you know, then write a comment and we’ll tell you if you are right. On the other hand, if you have been living in another galaxy for some years and aren’t yet familiar with Ed Org’s work then you can have a look at the many amazing pictures he has drawn and/or painted here.

Ed Org’s studio photo 1
Ed Org’s studio photo 2

Still time to see Ed Org at Obsidian!

On Sunday 29th March 2020 you can get to see Ed Org and some of his wondeful paintings at the Obsidian Art Gallery. In addition there are some Special Guests :
Jess Lelong – Jonathan Harris – Kit Boyd – Sandra Young
Featuring stunning new original work by Ed Org – including over 30 original drawings, sketches and paintings, plus new prints & cards.

From 2pm to 4pm Sunday 29th March 2020
Obsidian Art
Layby Farm
(The Bucks Goat Centre),
Old Risborough Road,
Stoke Mandeville,
Bucks, HP22 5XJ
01296 612150

If you don’t know Ed Org’s work yet you can see it here.

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