WORLDVIEW by James Ledger

Having acquired a decade of skills in the fields of concept art and graphic design, I couldn’t resist putting myself to the ultimate test of creating an entire world inspired by my own imagination. It’s every kid’s dream, right?

After a few months of extremely careful and realistic calculations, I decided that the time had come for me to unleash some magic and get my very first art book underway, with the intention of kicking off a series of art books to follow. “Worldview” is going to be released as a (100+page) print-on-demand product through Amazon’s CreateSpace, and also as a digital e-book.

Works in progress:

My goal is to complete all of the art and have the book ready to print over the course of a year, release date December 2018. My first book is intended to inspire and provoke imagination to all who get their hands on it; other artists, film makers, writers, or those who simply enjoy escaping into the world of science fiction.

Who will my book be relevant to?
Anyone with a love for industry-standard sci-fi digital art! Though I am already being supported by a large number of professional and hobbyist artists from around the world, there is a heavy influx of interest coming from parts of the general public who simply love escaping into the realms of science fiction.

Work in progress:

Who am I?
I’m a well-established concept artist who’s been working as a freelancer in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. You can see samples of my previous work here – my portfolio

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Latest Ed Org art show info

Legendary artist Ed Org will now be at all the following events so if you haven’t manged to catch up with him on his travels so far this year here’s your chance !!!

The North Wind - Ed Org

The North Wind – Ed Org

SEPT 16/17/18 Antiques, Collectors & Vintage Fair, Stamford Meadows, Lincs, PE9 2WE

23/24/25 Cornucopia Festival, Burton Constable Hall, Skirlaugh, East Yorks, HU11 4LN

OCT 29/30 Detling International Antiques & Collectors Fair,
Kent County Showground, ME14 3JF

NOV 26/27 Ludlow Medieval Fayre, Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, SY8 1AY

If your life is however so far impoverished by a lack of experience of Ed Org’s amazing art then take a look here.

New issue of Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics is out !

#17 Nov/Dec 2009

Our crazy Wizards of Oz (& NZ) edition.

Where we leave the cold bleak shores of the United Kingdom to explore the talent way Down under

Tattooists Body o’Leary & Jan Moat (UK)  plus Hong Kongs Julia Seizure

Plus a look at the fabulouse London Tattoo Convention

Airbrush Artists: Dan Power, Maggie Llittlewood, Wayne Harrison, Brian Greig

Find out where Simon Weirdo Watts has been since leaving the UK scene

Check out pinstripers Chaz Allen and Jay Bryant

Low Brow Artists in this edition are

Joey Finz (USA) and Micky Hora (Aus) Plus the quirky art of ‘Macca’

Back on home turf, we take a spin around Stu Forsters Sin City Van

Find out what went on at Simon Murrays Summer Sizzler with Nub

And launch our new Tiki section “Tiki Talk” with Simon Blackwood

Book & DVD Reviews cover everything from Burlesque, China Tattoos

Derren Browsn Portraits, and a great Custom Cash DVD

Regular features Stu.Artr CD Reviews, PSEye, Paint Bench and our Kustom

Kulture and lifestyle series will be sure to impress

Competitions include

Win a Fat Punk Skate Deck and a Paasche VJR Airbrush

Closing dates are 20th December so get your mits on a copy here !

The old dogs had the best tricks?

Last night we watched 101 Dalmations after buying a remastered copy on Amazon.  Yep, that’s right, the original Walt Disney cartoon from way back in 1961.  The last time I saw this film I was just a wee little boy and Cruela was the most frightening woman a small boy could imagine.  Of course, these far too many years later it doesn’t look quite the same and it is a little odd that all the “adult” characters have English accents whilst all the little doggies talk with American children’s accents.  On the other hand, the artwork behind this animation is just superb.  You look at the incredibly short list of animators responsible by comparison to the screenfuls nowadays that need a specially written 5 minute song to playout while they are being displayed and you wonder how it could have been possible.  When you look at the loving detail and careful craftsmanship of these old Disney cartoons you also wonder if all the increased technology has been worthwhile.  The modern cartoons are very bright and glitzy with lots of special effects but it is a very different kind of artwork.  There is a charm to these old Disney cartoons that is somehow timeless.  By comparison, the modern ones seem cold and impersonal.  I don’t know how emotionally involved modern animators are in their work.  Maybe some of them do really love what they do but I am certain that the animators who worked on 101 Dalmations and the other early Disney classics poured everything they had into their work.   It is good to see that the cartoons have been so well remastered and can be preserved for future generations.  Almost 50 years on from when 101 Dalmations was first released maybe some of those animators are no longer with us but what a legacy of love to leave behind.   Maybe new is not always better …

That’s how it’s done!

Have you ever wondered how comic artists manage to conceive of some of the bizarre and outrageous poses of their characters?  That leering expression or striding hero figure, that posturing or fawning servant, for instance?  Well, Glenn Fabry, a comic artist of no small talent has given us the privilege of a glimpse into his world by showing us the photos he took of himself for some of his work, which flip over to the final artwork when you put your cursor on the photo.  Go and have a look.  It’s really a fun way to look at how an artist works.  Then come back here and tell us what you thought of it.  You just need to click here to go to the right page on Glenn Fabry’s website.

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