Time for a new Health Warning

A few self-employed people I know got their pension statements recently and were shocked at how much the value of their pension fund had fallen in the last year.  Some of them who have been having a rough time in the current economic climate said things like,”I struggle almost every month to make the pension contribution and then all I end up with is less than I started with!”  Well, we all know that what goes up always comes down and hopefully (fingers toes and everything crossed) what goes down will come up.  But will it do it before all the companies are full of ninety year old employees who can’t afford to retire and all the teenagers and twenty-somethings are on the dole?  In the meantime, maybe we’d reduce the level of depression if all pension statements and bank statements were legally required to have a health warning on the envelope that ran something like this:

WARNING!  Do not open this envelope.  Opening this envelope can harm your mental equilibrium and may cause severe reactive depression.  If in doubt, consult your doctor.

But I doubt it would make the financial sector get their act together any quicker somehow …