What about Ciruelo Cabral’s dragons coming to life?

White Dragon by Ciruelo Cabral

If you love dragons and perhaps already a big fan of Ciruelo Cabral‘s amazing dragon art then how about the idea of Ciruelo’s dragons living and breathing fire on the cinema screen?  Well, it may happen soon providing the producers NOMAD (a Visual Effects Studio from Argentina) can get the necessary backing.  If you are mega-rich then all you neeed to do is write a cheque and off it’ll go.  For the rest of us with more modest assets then get a look at the trailer here and leve a comment.  It all helps to pursuade backers that it is worth investing in.  Do nothing and Ciruelo’s dragons may decide to hibernate for a lot longer before venturing out onto the big screen.  The movie in process is called ‘Time of Dragons’ and is based on a script by the Argentine
author Liliana Bodoc with Ciruelo Cabral’s dragons as characters in the film.  By the way, Liliana Bodoc is being published in England as you can see here.

‘Time of Dragons’ is a classic dragon fantasy film spanning ages and is sure to delight all fans of dragons and fantasy films.  So go on and give Ciruelo – Bodock – Nomad VFX Productions a big thumbs up and help bring Ciruelo Cabral’s dragons to a cinema near you.  If you are not yet familiar with Ciruelo Cabral’s dragons (shame on you) then take a look here.  But don’t get too close to the screen.  His dragons are so realistic you’ll singe your hair!