Ever wondered what Ed Org’s studio looks like?

Have you ever wondeed what a famous artist’s studio looks like? I have seen many of them over the years and one thing is quite common. No matter whether the artist is tidy or untidy anywhere else, their studio is usually very organised even if sometimes in a way that isn’t readily obvious to someone else. As you can see below, Ed Org has the kind of environment to work in that you might suspect he’d have being one of the most talented artists anywhere right now. You might notice that unlike many artists, the pictures on the wall are not all his own work. If you are familiar with the work of many artists you might know whose work it is he has on the wall. If you think you know, then write a comment and we’ll tell you if you are right. On the other hand, if you have been living in another galaxy for some years and aren’t yet familiar with Ed Org’s work then you can have a look at the many amazing pictures he has drawn and/or painted here.

Ed Org’s studio photo 1
Ed Org’s studio photo 2

Thief turns hypocrite?

Readers and contributors to the Artists UK DotNet blog are well aware of the controversy surrounding the AVATAR film by James Cameron.  Roger Dean fans all over the world have been clamouring for some kind of justice over what they see as the theft of Roger Dean’s ideas and designs by James Cameron for his AVATAR film.  Now it seems that Cameron is getting attacked as a hypocrite as well.  His seemingly bold environmental stance portrayed in AVATAR and in other ventures appears to be totally out of step with his high carbon footprint lifestyle.  Are we surprised?  Not really I guess.  But if  David Attenborough, who has done very good environmental documentaries, clocked up masses of air miles in the process at least it was for his professional work and not just for fun as it seems to be with Cameron.  What do you think?  Should we hold all celebrities accountable for thier lifestyles or just those like Cameron who are telling us we must do with less while they keep piling up more?  Read all about Cameron being a hypocrite and watch the video here.