Is it really Flash to be Flash?

Someone was asking us today about Elric prints by a particular artist and although we are fairly sure they are not available we thought we’d check the artist’s own website just to be sure we haven’t missed something. Bash in the URL and up comes this blank screen with a “download plug-in” message. Didn’t have time for all that messing about so I left it and wondered at the logic of presenting a new visitor to your website with the choice to download software or go away!


Any prizes for suggesting the answer we came up with?

The only member of the Artists UK team who may have thought that a Flash Intro (especially without an obvious ‘Skip’ option) is a really good idea was Mitzi … and since she is the cat and we can only interpret her reaction from the purring she makes when she gets stroked, we decided that that was as close to unanimous as unanimous ever gets. Plus we decided that Mitzi would be extremely pleased at the mouse in unanimous :-)