Happy Birthday to us !!!


Yes, that’s right, Artists UK started trading on 2nd May 1994 and has now ceased to be a teenager.

It seems like some kind of ancient history lesson on the one hand and hard to believe it has been that long on the other hand and since I have three hands it also seems to have passed very quickly on that other third hand.  Maybe I’ll have a fourth hand by the time I’ve finished writing this.

Although our earliest trading place was at a craft market we were sending prints and posters all over the world very early on due to our various trade contacts etc all over the world.  It was a slow and kind of organic growth where our trade contacts knew artists and our artists put us in touch with trade contacts etc.  I even had a call from Terry Pratchett once putting me in touch with a company in Australia.  Unfortunately, I was in bed with flu on the redirected call so I doubt he thought I was the most ‘get up and go’ person he’d ever spoken to since at the time all my ‘get up and go’ had got up and gone.  Meeting great artists like Alan Lee and Brian froud led to publishing a number of fine-art limited editions that we are still very proud of and some of these are in the sale.

If you are quick enough you can grab some of the bargains going in our 20th Anniversary sale that is on until 5pm Thursday 8th May 2014.

We’ve included many popular artists like Alan Lee, Roger Dean, MC Escher, Bruce Pennington, Chris Achilleos, Brian Froud, Josh Kirby (Discworld), Michael Whelan and Peter Pracownik just to mention a few and the prices are up to 60% off the usual prices and given that many of these items are totally unavailable elsewhere that means a real bargain.

You can treat yourself or stock up early for someone’s special anniversary, birthday or even Christmas if you are organised enough to remember you’ve got it when the time comes.  Not sure I’d manage that but you’re probably cleverer than wot I am.  Just click on the banner button above and you’ll be whisked off to the cornucopia of Artists UK’s 20th Anniversary sale … as long as you do it soon enough that is.

Picture of the Month

Waterfall by MC Escher

Waterfall by MC Escher

MC Escher was an amazing Dutch artist whose surreal art prints like the impossible Waterfall shown here still dumbfound people as was undoubtedly Escher’s intention.  MC Escher challenges the way we look at the world and the way our sense of sight works.  Just glance at any Escher art print or poster and it hits you as he shows how the perspective can be manipulated to trick you into thinking we are seeing something you are not seeing.  Even when you look closely at MC Escher’s art it can be hard to see how it all works.  How did MC Escher manage to make it look like the waterfall is perpetual?  How does it end up where it started defying all the logic of our perceptions?  MC Escher was an extraordinary Dutch artist with a keen interest in geometry.  MC Escher produced many surreal visual puzzles and some of these Escher puzzles were used for album cover art like Reptiles for the Mott the Hoople album.  MC Escher’s work, has never really dated and an MC Escher impossible puzzle looks as freash today as it did back when he drew them.

A guest in your home seeing Escher’s endless waterfall is going to be drawn to comment.  If you’d like to see our range of MC Escher prints and posters then just click here where there are plenty of different Escher products to chose from either for yourself or to give someone else a slice of Escher mind-bending!

A puzzling best-seller

With all the vast panorama of art prints for sale on our ecommerce website at Artists UK it is surprising that one of our best sellers this Christmas so far has been MC Escher jigsaw puzzles .  Why anyone would want their MC Escher picture in lots of tiny bits rather than in one piece is a bit of a puzzle in itself.  It makes you wonder doesn’t it.  If we tore up all the Limited Edition prints and posters into small pieces before we sent them out would they sell better?   :-)