New dates for artist Ed Org

If you haven’t made it to any of Ed Org’s shows so far this year (shame on you!) here are the ones coming up for September and October.  Be there or be something with four straight sides of equal length :-)

August 31st to 2nd September – Knebworth Craft Festival, Knebworth House, Herts

15 – 16 September – Newbury Show, Newbury Show Ground, Berks.

13 – 14 October – Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire

20 – 21 October – Thorseby Park, Ollerton, Notts.

27 – 28 October – Avalon Faerie Fayre, Glastonbury Town Hall, Somerset

Alexandra Dawe goes to see the wytches


Rising star artist Alexandra Dawe will be doing the Wytches Market in Glastonbury on the Saturday 23rd June.  For more info visit the Wytches Market website. To see more fabulous artwork by artist Alexandra Dawe like ‘In the Wild Wood’ shown above just click here.  In fact this post is a double hit because we’re also naming ‘In the Wild Wood’as our picture of the month here at Artists UK.  And in case you wondered, yes you can order it as a canvas print if prefer having a canvas print to a lithographic print.

Picture of the Month

Pray by Mark Belo
Pray by Mark Belo

We continue our series of Picture of the Month with Mark Belo’s ‘Pray’ to kick of January 2010.  Mark Belo has been around for quite some time and we have had his Cosmodolphin etc on sale at for a few years.  recently however, he has produced some new work and this has been reproduced on canvas.  One of these is this lovely painting entitled ‘Pray’ –

You can see the full range of these beautiful works on canvas plus the earlier posters by clicking here.