It could have been the end of advertising!

With the increase in car adverts on TV and cinema in recent years almost every other ad is for some new flash car (although you’d be hard pressed sometimes to recognise that the bizarre video you are faced with is advertising anything!).  Whilst the car adverts are increasing, the petrol supply needed to run them is declining and if it wasn’t for the growing alternative fuels market then we could have looked forward to a time when all the advertising is for cars at the same time as the oil runs out leaving us with nothing to drive them on, hence no cars, hence no adverts at all!  Then there’d really be nothing on TV worth watching :-)

What Will They think Of Us?

With the recent admissions by the oil industries that oil supplies did in fact peak around 2002 and the gloomy outlook of increasing fuel prices as supplies decline how many people are wondering quite what we have done and how many are just madly fiddling away while Rome (ie the fuel) is burning? As was predicted by an astute man in the seventies, our nonchalant consumption of fossil fuels placed on a 10,000 year graph will look rather like a slim penis in the middle of the vast timeframe to either side. Is it nature’s way of telling us we’ve been a load of dickheads?

Okay, so there are other power sources and some 80% of the cars on show at the Birmingham Car Show this year were electric but so far nobody has any clue how we could fuel an airplane other than with fossil fuels. That means the same is even more true for a space rocket. It may be millions of years in the future but when our sun goes nova we have to leave this planet or mankind becomes one big fry-up. If by that time there is still no other way to fuel a rocket ship what will those last humans think of us as they watch the sun explode? There are plenty of poor excuses of course … you’re thinking about them right now … but isn’t it incredible that it took us until the fossil fuel supply peaked to even begin to take the problem seriously and recognise the danger of having based our lives on a non-replaceable fuel supply. To say that the last 50 odd years of the so-called developed nations has been governed by short-sighted selfishness is putting in mildly and even now people are saying, “They’ll come up with something” or “xxxx fuel is the answer” when what they really mean is, “I don’t really care because I’ll be dead by the time it gets really tough.” That is assuming we have any idea how much or how little time we have until it gets tough … and when the tough gets going there’ll be nowhere to go.

You might want to take a look at Greenpeace here

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There is also Tim Flannery’s book The Weather Makers here.

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None of it is easy reading but it’s better than being an ostrich.

The Art of Being Short-Sighted, Selfish and Incredibly Stupid!

Britain and other European countries are going to build more nuclear power stations to combat climate change and growing world power shortages as the oil starts to run out. If this wasn’t such a serious issue we could laugh at the sheer absurdity of this idea. As it is, we have to think how it is that such selfish short-sighted people got to be in such positions of power where they can drive us all forwards into merry oblivion!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then take a look at Greenpeace here

If you don’t know about the peaking of oil supplies a few years back and the real dangers ahead then take a look at this.

There is also Tim Flannery’s book The Weather Makers. You can read about that one here.
Not easy reading but perhaps the most essential reading of all before the idiot politicians and bigwigs turn us all into lemmings is George Monbiot’s book Heat. There is an in-depth review of it here.

With regards to building more nuclear power plants and other non-sustainable resource projects I have to say that this form of art is one that Artists UK cannot condone. Art is about creativity and creating projects that use up non-replaceable resources and creating more radiocative waste really doesn’t fit the bill.

All viable plans to transport the politicians and businessmen promoting these crazy ideas to Mars where they can happily nuke themselves silly will be seriously considered. There must be such viable plans as it is a far more sensible proposal than the plans they are putting in place here. Even the large carbon footprint of sending them there is tiny compared to the future they have in store for us.