WORLDVIEW by James Ledger

Having acquired a decade of skills in the fields of concept art and graphic design, I couldn’t resist putting myself to the ultimate test of creating an entire world inspired by my own imagination. It’s every kid’s dream, right?

After a few months of extremely careful and realistic calculations, I decided that the time had come for me to unleash some magic and get my very first art book underway, with the intention of kicking off a series of art books to follow. “Worldview” is going to be released as a (100+page) print-on-demand product through Amazon’s CreateSpace, and also as a digital e-book.

Works in progress:

My goal is to complete all of the art and have the book ready to print over the course of a year, release date December 2018. My first book is intended to inspire and provoke imagination to all who get their hands on it; other artists, film makers, writers, or those who simply enjoy escaping into the world of science fiction.

Who will my book be relevant to?
Anyone with a love for industry-standard sci-fi digital art! Though I am already being supported by a large number of professional and hobbyist artists from around the world, there is a heavy influx of interest coming from parts of the general public who simply love escaping into the realms of science fiction.

Work in progress:

Who am I?
I’m a well-established concept artist who’s been working as a freelancer in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. You can see samples of my previous work here – my portfolio

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It’s About Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Adventures

One of our customers has supplied us with some info on a wonderful forum for art lovers you might like to join.  Here are the details:-

The forum I visit on a daily basis is on It is a place where
we exchange ideas and opinions in a friendly manner, even if more often than
not, we tease each other in full respect of each others opinions.

We talk about Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Adventures. We talk about
old and new series, movies and books.

We talk about new discoveries in science and we also have started recently
threads on artists’ artworks with respect of their copyrights and tittles.

When you visit the forum, you will find that they (the Spacemonkeys) try to
make it easy to find all the different subjects by categorising them.

We all make sure every new comers are welcome and they can add to the fun we
have there. I, myself, been there for some years now and I still enjoy the
simplicity of the place.

So, I invite everyone to register with your name or username. It is as you
wish. ;))



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