Sadistic Weather Gods

Well there it is, Lancashire is ruled over by sadistic weather gods!  How else do you explain it?  All over Europe there’s been a burning hot summer with people complaining about the heat but in Lancashire you’re lucky if you get round to taking the winter duvet off the bed.  It isn’t as if there has been no sunshine at all.  No, it is worse than that.  The sun will come out for the last hour before sunset after a gloomy overcast day.  Alternatively, there’ll be a bright sunrise and then it’ll cloud over and tip it down for the remainder of the day.  All sunny intervals are suspect and even the idea of a really hot sunny day is the kind of legendary myth worthy of Tolkien or Salvatore.  What did the people of Lancashire do to deserve such vengeance from the sadistic weather gods?  Any ideas?

The Krazy Summer Sale takes off with a bang!

Well, all our customers who are on our updates mailing list were notified last weekend of the start of our Summer Sale and this has caused a bit of a “feeding frenzy” despite the hot weather, or maybe it is just too hot to go outside for fear of melting :-)

One or two items have already sold out in the Summer Sale but there are still many more fabulous bargains on popular items available so if you haven’t already had a look the direct link to the Artists UK Summer Sale is here.

If it gets any hotter we’ll have to start wrapping everything in asbestos :-)

A Hot Hot Summer!

We’re not quite sure where the credit crunch is crunching because we’ve been rushed off our feet all summer with orders from our customers and various trade projects!  So busy there has been a substantial Blogbreak here but hopefully we’ll be writing a bit more over the coming week’s than has been the case recently.  If you haven’t visited our ecommerce site recently at then you might like to take a look as there are lots of new items all over the place.  Use the SEARCH function because not everything has found a home on the Updates Page yet although you will probably find a few things there you didn’t know had arrived.