Cheap phone calls?

I recently had cause to complain about us not being told at the outset that Switzerland was not in the list of countries to which we could make free calls at the weekend via Tiscali.  Since my other half’s son lives in Switzerland this is a right royal pain and may end up with us moving to another supplier.  However, Tiscali have done us the courtesy of responding properly to the complaint which is better than many of these large companies nowadays where all you get is a standard letter that barely relates to what you were asking (and to be fair Tiscali can do that with the best of them if you don’t make it clear you won’t tolerate it).  Why am I writing all this?  Well, the letter Tiscali sent had the following paragraph in it that I’m sure you’ll find rather amusing:

According to our records, Switzerland is not included in the list and it cost £14.49 per minute during daytime, £7.05 per minute during evening and £7.05 per minute during weekend.  But for Switzerland – Mobile it cost £34.07 per minute during daytime, £26.63 per minute during evening and £26.63 per minute during weekend.”

So; if you are planning to phone Switzerland via Tiscali Talk be sure to contact your bank about re-morgaging well in advance of making the phone calls :-)

Let’s get this straight …

These entries are not necessarily going to make the most sense, be the most relevant or the most interesting but hopefully they will be a lot of fun :-) and if not then you’ll have to say so by adding a comment or forever holding your pieces!

We’ll explore things like why it is that Tiscali went belly-up yesterday for the whole of the UK. Their Customer Services said that no Tiscali customer in the UK had access to the Internet when it happened late yesterday afternoon (after the mouse fell of the treadwheel ? :-) ). Still, as promised, Tiscali did get us all back online by 9am this morning. O the joys of computers, ISPs, servers and software … the fervent prayers we all offer up that they won’t go wrong just now … not till I’ve sent this email … finished this order … updated this website … Oh bugger >¬£+”%*&(£$X%%^ :-( !

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