Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance

If you haven’t already seen this amazing prequel to the classic Dark Crystal film featuring the incredible art of the legendary Brian Froud, what are you waiting for?

Not only is ‘Dark Crystal – Age of Resistance’ an amazing leap up from the original Dark Crystal film in every respect it is also a series that is ten hours long giving so much more Brian Froud to enjoy!  In a time of overdone CGI and trendy teen heroes ticking all the marketing boxes it is refreshing to see some real creativity at work in this Dark Crystal prequel. Brian Froud may be a lot older than the young artist who collaborated with Alan Lee on the classic “Fairies” book and made his name in the original Dark Crystal film (and also Labyrinth) but Brian Froud shows no signs of slowing down as he gets older. The work he has put into the look of this series is staggeringly creative and he is just going from strength to strength. This Dark Crystal series isn’t just an enjoyable fantasy story but with Brian Froud’s art it is a feast for the eyes for anyone aged 5 to 500! The characters are great fun and the detail is just wonderful. The lies and treachery of the Skeksis also reflect the world politics of our own world where we could easily feel that those in power are far more interested in their own agendas than serving their people. You can see more of Brian Froud’s amazing artwork here.

Paranoid! Wot a laugh …

I just came across this news report :

Ozzy regrets Osbournes TV series

It talks about how the original Black Sabbath singer doesn’t really like doing television and how he was out in Beverley Hills and could feel people’s eyes on him.  Unbelievably, given the title of Black Sabbath’s arguably most famous song, he said, “I thought I was getting paranoid or something.”  :-)

It could have been the end of advertising!

With the increase in car adverts on TV and cinema in recent years almost every other ad is for some new flash car (although you’d be hard pressed sometimes to recognise that the bizarre video you are faced with is advertising anything!).  Whilst the car adverts are increasing, the petrol supply needed to run them is declining and if it wasn’t for the growing alternative fuels market then we could have looked forward to a time when all the advertising is for cars at the same time as the oil runs out leaving us with nothing to drive them on, hence no cars, hence no adverts at all!  Then there’d really be nothing on TV worth watching :-)

Want to be on TV?

The BBC are looking for buyers who will appear on the programme. In case you don’t know, the programme is based around a family selling off items to raise money and it supports a charity. The items are sold on the programme and buyers come and pick up the items and hand over the payment for it. So;if you are interested in buying a framed Alan Lee Limited Edition and getting your fizzog on the box at the same time you can give Molly a ring on the number below … but you’ll need to move quick coz it’s Saturday week! Here are the details:-

Original framed signed Alan Lee print of the Sword in Stone for sale as part of BBC One TV show. For purposes of filming we need whoever buys the print to appear on camera and pick it up in Sanderstead, Surrey on Saturday 19th Jan. Anyone interested can contact Molly at Reef TV on 020 7836 8595. We’re looking for around £70 for the framed print but all offers welcome.