Weather to go or not to go …

On Thursday we looked at the five day weather forecast and Saturday was going to be sunny intervals with no rain whilst Friday was going to be overcast.  Let’s go on Saturday, we decided.  Well, here it is and we sit here on Saturday looking out of the window at the pouring rain having had a lovely sunny day yesterday wondering how it is the Metereological Office staff keep their jobs and why weather reports are not listed under Fantasy & Fiction.  Best guess is that they have a pack of cards with weather symbols on and just flick a few down for the coming five days and then when each day arrives they do what we all do and look out the window first thing in the morning.  Then they quickly change today’s weather forecast to whatever looks most likely for the day.  When I was twelve years old our geography teacher explained cold fronts, weather patterns, wind speeds and then exclaimed that all this shows why weather reporting is so accurate.  He was most upset at the howl of laughter that went up from thirty young kids yet all these years later we still go by these predictions that are so often wrong … must be to do with the wrong type of leaves or something :-)

The Art of Being Short-Sighted, Selfish and Incredibly Stupid!

Britain and other European countries are going to build more nuclear power stations to combat climate change and growing world power shortages as the oil starts to run out. If this wasn’t such a serious issue we could laugh at the sheer absurdity of this idea. As it is, we have to think how it is that such selfish short-sighted people got to be in such positions of power where they can drive us all forwards into merry oblivion!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then take a look at Greenpeace here

If you don’t know about the peaking of oil supplies a few years back and the real dangers ahead then take a look at this.

There is also Tim Flannery’s book The Weather Makers. You can read about that one here.
Not easy reading but perhaps the most essential reading of all before the idiot politicians and bigwigs turn us all into lemmings is George Monbiot’s book Heat. There is an in-depth review of it here.

With regards to building more nuclear power plants and other non-sustainable resource projects I have to say that this form of art is one that Artists UK cannot condone. Art is about creativity and creating projects that use up non-replaceable resources and creating more radiocative waste really doesn’t fit the bill.

All viable plans to transport the politicians and businessmen promoting these crazy ideas to Mars where they can happily nuke themselves silly will be seriously considered. There must be such viable plans as it is a far more sensible proposal than the plans they are putting in place here. Even the large carbon footprint of sending them there is tiny compared to the future they have in store for us.