How I loathe it !!!

Oddly enough we continue to get plenty of orders in during the world cup and I guess that goes to show that there are plenty of people who don’t get totally obsessed with the football when the world cup is on.  It warms my heart since, although I know it won’t make me many friends at Footballaholics Anonymous, I absolutely loathe football.  And this year I made the grand mistake of visiting my parents during the world cup where my father, brother and his girlfriend are fully paid up members of footballaholics.  Although they were often happy to watch football with the sound turned off the craving football addiction meant that it MUST be seen.  And what  was seen exactly?  Well, the sight of two blokes cracking heads just before the final whistle put me in mind of the old film Rollerball and hearing later that a truly nasty tackle had broken a player’s spine put me in mind of a Roman amphitheatre.  When you add in the way it has all become a massive moneyspinner and corruption abounds how much of the original game actually remains in this barbaric bloody quaestuary?  We English of course have the added ignominy of having created a game that we never win … but then, no surprise there as we’ve managed that with almost every game we’ve ever invented … apart from Polo apparently … the countries that could beat us probably can’t afford the high bills needed to run a Polo team.  Maybe you need to be totally insensitive to watch the stuff that regularly happens in football and still think it is a game.  Anyway, I doubt that any footballaholics would actually bother reading anything I write on this Blog so I’m probably safe from all those nasty trollish comments that a diatribe like this usually evokes.  So; yes, I will be celebrating the Football World Cup Final tomorrow … celebrating that it is over and won’t happen for another four years … why not make it forty?  Then I’d really have cause to celebrate.  :-)